The Best Vegan Swimwear Brands: Top 7

Introduction – Vegan Swimwear

Going vegan is not about food only; it is about making ethical and responsible choices. Each time you choose a vegan food product, you are helping to reduce animal suffering, preserve the environment, fight climate change, and support farmers taking care of their land. Vegan outfitters are a great way to support businesses that share your values while staying fashionable. There is also vegan swimwear that is made from recycled materials.

vegan swimwear
Fabrics like recycled lycra reduce the environmental impact

Many brands make swimwear for vegan requests, such as Cabana Life and Vitamin A. They use fabrics such as Lycra or Econyl made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets, which means your swimwear will be vegan and eco-friendly.

This ethical swimwear is also great because they are made with quality, non-toxic dyes and materials. They come in various styles, including rash guards, one-pieces, and cover-ups. Vegan outfitters and vegan swimwear help to make the fashion industry more ethical and eco-friendlier. Don’t stop at clothing – complete your vegan summer accessories with a vegan self-tanner.

How Can Clothing Be Vegan

Vegan clothing can be made from a variety of sustainable, animal-free materials, such as organic cotton, hemp, linen, recycled polyester, and other plant-based materials. Companies may also opt to use synthetic materials, such as faux leather, pleather, and faux fur, which are made without animal products or by-products.

More generally this means sustainable clothing that has been produced in such a way that it has a minimal negative impact on the environment. This can include using eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton and bamboo, recycling existing fabrics, and producing garments in an ethical and fair trade manner. It can also mean reducing water usage, using renewable energy sources, and producing garments with a lower carbon footprint.

7 Vegan Swimwear

Whether you’re looking for a bikini, tankini, or board shorts, plenty of vegan swimwear options are available.

1.GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All 

GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All is a revolutionary collaboration between plus-sized blogger Gabi Gregg and leading plus-size retailer, SwimsuitsForAll. This project has been coming along, as Gregg has been instrumental in challenging conventional beauty standards for over 10 years.

Along with vegan swimwear options created for the line, this collaboration celebrates individuality and confidence, offering sizes ranging from 10 to 26 that empower women of all shapes and sizes to feel beautiful. The combination of Gabi’s outspoken enthusiasm for body positivity and savvy fashion sense with SwimsuitsForAll’s selection of quality products makes the GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All collection the perfect way to celebrate body acceptance with style.

2. Shapes in the Sand

Shapes in the Sand is a vegan swimwear brand that offers style with sustainability. Using recycled plastic bottles to create their materials, they strive to create a product that looks great and contributes to saving and protecting the environment. The energetic designs of their vegan swimsuits captivate customers, giving them the confidence to enjoy their beach days worry-free.

Shapes In The Sand makes sustainability part of the brand, which is a powerful statement

Every swimsuit also has UPF 50+ protection built in, so shoppers can get extra sun coverage without sacrificing style. And with their commitment to using plastic waste as a resource to combat microplastic pollution, Shapes in the Sand encourages everyone to do their part in keeping our beaches beautiful while getting ready for summer.

3. Bower Swimwear

Bower Swimwear is the leading vegan swimwear company, setting a new standard for ethical fashion with its use of ECONYL. This innovative 100% regenerated nylon fiber from Eco Intelligent Growth is vegan, sustainable, and forward-thinking, allowing customers to make more environmentally friendly fashion choices.

The fabric is also incredibly durable and lightweight, perfect for activities like swimming, diving, and surfing when you want to look beach chic while remaining comfortable. Moreover, due to ECONYL’s sustainability credentials, you can recycle it in perpetuity without losing any of its performance qualities or special properties – making Bower Swimwear truly a revolutionary vegan fashion that provides lasting value.

4. Do Good Swimwear

Do Good Swimwear is a vegan brand that uses regenerative farming practices and ethical, vegan-friendly materials. Founded by Sydney Anderson and Emma Platoff, the company prides itself on setting the standard for sustainable, vegan clothing production. Each piece of their vegan fashion line is created with an awareness of environmental sustainability in mind – from the farming of vegan materials to the process of being dyed with natural colors extracted from plants.

Not only that, Do Good Swimwear’s beachwear styles are designed to rightfully flatter every body type while emphasizing comfort, functional coverage, and support. Thanks to their vegan-friendly ethos and dedication to eco-conscious production methods, Do Good Swimwear continues to proudly pave the way for vegan apparel companies everywhere.

5. Manakai

Manakai is a vegan swimwear brand trying to revolutionize the fashion industry. Their mission is to provide ethically-made vegan and sustainable clothing that is chic yet comfortable – perfect for days spent lounging in the sun. With its classic silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and timeless patterns, Manakai remains a front-runner in vegan and sustainable fashion.

Offering bikinis, one-pieces, and rash guards made of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon, Manakai has created an innovative range of vegan swimwear that doesn’t sacrifice style for sustainability. Whether you’re hitting the beach or are just lounging in your backyard, with Manakai, you can be sure that you look good – inside and out! With their commitment to doing what’s best for people and the planet alike, Manakai is helping create a more efficient and inclusive fashion industry.

6. Rey Swimwear

Rey Swimwear, created with modern modesty in mind, is a vegan swimwear company committed to creating stylish pieces that empower customers and ensure that their clothing is helping the planet. Everything Rey offers is vegan-friendly and made of environmentally friendly materials like recycled nylon and ECONYL; with every purchase, you’re helping keep plastic out of our oceans.

As well as being vegan-friendly, the bold designs and beautiful prints of Rey Swimwear make modest fashion forward. From classic silhouettes for more conservative tastes to wilder styles for those who love something a little different, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re lounging poolside or getting ready for a day at the beach, let Rey Swimwear help you feel comfortable and confident in your skin, no matter what others think.

7. Galamaar

Galamaar is a vegan swimwear brand offering consumers a unique selection of beautiful, environmentally-conscious pieces for women and kids. Founded in 2019, the company strives to meet the growing demand for vegan products and expand international markets looking for vegan wardrobe options. Their materials are sourced from natural vegan fibers such as linen, organic cotton, and faux suede, contributing to sustainable development while still providing fashionable styles.

They also partner with local vegan designers and artisans who hand-make each item using eco-friendly dyes. Ethically made using ethical practices, Galamaar collections feature looks that aim to be classic yet timeless with subtle splashes of feminine flair. While focusing on vegan options, Galamaar provides effortless beachwear designs that merge classic style with endurance-tested functionality, all while helping reduce animals’ burdens and environmental waste.


In conclusion, vegan swimwear is the perfect way to look beach chic while staying true to your ethics and values. With more and more companies offering ethical and sustainable vegan swimwear, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece of vegan fashion for any occasion. From vibrant prints from Do Good Swimwear or Manakai to classic silhouettes from GabiFresh or Rey Swimwear, there’s something out there that fits everyone’s style! So don’t hesitate – to get ready for summer with some vegan-friendly swimwear today!

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