Vegan Self Tanner: A Cruelty-Free Guide to Glowing Skin

Introduction – Vegan Self Tanner

Basking in that sun-kissed glow while staying committed to your ethical choices is no longer a dilemma. With an abundance of vegan and cruelty-free self-tanners now available, you can radiate all year round.

Vegan self tanners are free of animal-derived products

This in-depth guide will help you understand vegan products, their environmental benefits, how they work, and it will introduce you to top-quality options, alongside pro tips for exemplary tanning results.

Understanding Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products

A “vegan” skincare product is void of animal-derived ingredients like collagen, keratin, gelatin, or beeswax, that are commonly used in conventional self-tanners. A “cruelty-free” label indicates that the product and its individual ingredients have undergone no animal testing at any stage of product development. Recognized internationally, the Leaping Bunny certification on a product ensures rigorous checks for animal testing—a reputable indicator of truly cruelty-free products.

Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Benefits of Vegan Self Tanners

Switching over to vegan self tanners presents myriad environmental benefits. Choosing plant-based ingredients over animal-derived ones often means lower greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable packaging standard among vegan personal care products further reduces environmental impact. Small individual contributions—like tweaking your skincare regime—can collectively significantly reduce our overall carbon footprint.

How Self Tanners Work

Self tanners operate by staining the skin’s outermost layer, creating a convincing sun-kissed glow without actual sun exposure. Conventional self tanners may contain a mix of ingredients, both synthetic and animal-derived. In contrast, vegan self tanners rely on plant-derived alternatives, promoting healthier skin.

Top Vegan and Cruelty-Free Self Tanning Products

1. Tanologist Sunless Self Tanning Drops for Face and Body

Brand: Tanologist is a brand that offers a new approach to tanning that is tailor-made for the individual. Created by Lottie Tomlinson, a makeup artist with a vision for cleaner, more customizable tanning solutions, Tanologist products are vegan, cruelty-free, and designed to work with your existing skincare routine.

Product: Tanologist’s Sunless Self Tanning Drops are designed for use on both the face and body, allowing for a customizable tanning experience. You can mix these drops with your moisturizer to achieve a seamless tan that suits your skin tone. The formula is transparent, meaning no transfer onto clothes, and it’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores.

Price: $17.99 (regularly $19.99)

Brand: Tanologist at Target

Product: Tanologist Sunless Self Tanning Drops

2. Toma’s Total Tan

Brand: Toma’s Total Tan offers a range of self-tanning products that are vegan and cruelty-free. Their products are designed to give you an instant, dark, and natural-looking tan without the orange streaks commonly associated with self-tanners. They pride themselves on a formula that lasts 40% longer than other tanners.


  • Toma’s Spray: A fast-drying formula that starts working instantly upon contact with the skin.
  • Toma’s Lotion: Suitable for all skin tones for both face and body, allowing you to build your color with regular use.
  • Toma’s Mousse: A lightweight foam that outperforms some more expensive brands.

Price: The prices are not listed on the website, and the attempt to check Sally Beauty’s website for pricing was unsuccessful due to a security check issue.

Brand: Toma’s Total Tan

Product: The Lowdown On Lotion

3. Eco Tan

Brand: Eco Tan is an Australian brand that offers a comprehensive range of Certified Organic tanning, skincare, body care, sun care, and natural makeup products. They are committed to creating all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and toxic-free products. Eco Tan is a global award-winning company that emphasizes the use of organic ingredients and eco-friendly practices, including innovative green packaging.


  • Face Tan Water: A gradual liquid self-tanning toner, specifically created for the face, neck, and décolletage.
  • Winter Skin: A daily nourisher that doubles as a gradual tanner.
  • Invisible Tan: An express self-tanning cream for face and body that delivers a beautiful, believable, golden bronze glow.


  • Face Tan Water: $39.95 AUD
  • Winter Skin: $29.95 AUD
  • Invisible Tan: $34.95 AUD (Currently sold out)

Brand: Eco Tan


How to Apply Vegan Self Tanner for Best Results

A flawless glow is achievable through proper skin preparation and patient product application. Start off with an exfoliating body scrub to remove dead skin cells. Then uniformly apply the vegan tanner. Allow it to dry thoroughly before dressing to avoid staining your clothes. Preserve your tan by moisturizing daily and reapplying the self tanner every two to three days or as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vegan Self Tanners

In this segment, we handle common queries about vegan self tanners. From decoding ingredient lists to clarifying the meaning behind different labels, we’ve got you covered. This section provides crucial information that will streamline your journey to a flawless, golden glow.


The journey towards glowing, bronzed skin doesn’t have to go against your ethical and environmental preferences. With a vast array of ethical beauty products available, you have the freedom to choose a vegan, cruelty-free self tanner contributing to your radiant appearance and aligning with your values. Stay sun-kissed, guilt-free, and radiant through every season, your way. 


Our commitment to transparency and authenticity means that every piece of advice, tip, and product recommendation is backed by trusted sources and industry knowledge. This ensures that not only have all products mentioned been vetted for their quality and effectiveness but are also widely available making your choice more comfortable and better informed

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