The Best Energy Efficient Toaster: Top 7

Introduction – Energy Efficient Toasters and Electricity

It turns out that food preparation isn’t, fortunately, one of the big reasons for carbon emissions. As a share of home electricity use, or as a share of carbon emissions due to food, it would amount to only a small fraction. Home electricity use is dominated by heating and cooling, and food carbon emissions is dominated by production, waste and transportation. So getting an energy efficient toaster is really a matter of living the same consistent low carbon philosophy.

Toasting bread is one of the most common appliance uses

Save On Electricity

Nevertheless, we’d like to bring to our readers the best energy efficient toasters. An energy-efficient toaster will still save you running electricity costs. To some extent you will be able tell the cost of using the toaster by looking at the power requirements on the box or in the spec sheet. But this glosses over the fact that each device has different energy settings, time to toast, number of slots, and technologies that affect the toast product. So lets take a look.

Look For Fewer Toast Slots

A simple concept is that a toaster with fewer slots for toast will use less energy. After all, if you want to toast a single slice of bread, its very inefficient to heat all the heating elements. Therefore, go for the toaster that will be optimized to the number of slices you expect most often. There are single slice, two slice, four slice toasters. We’ve never seen a three slice toaster though those might exist.

Not only does an energy-efficient toaster use less electricity, but it can also help save money on energy bills in the long run. Plus, plenty of energy-efficient options on the market offer the same level of efficiency and convenience as traditional toasters. For example, some energy-efficient toasters have adjustable temperature controls and automatic shut-off timers.

7 Best Energy-Efficient Toaster

Most of the time, manufacturers will prominently display the energy efficiency of their toasters by displaying a green leaf or something similar on the product packaging. If you are looking for an energy-efficient option, one of the best ways to do so is by using infrared heat technology. Here are the top 7 energy-efficient toasters that use infrared heat. First we present a summary table for easy comparison, then we present a detailed review of each.

Summary Of Product Reviews

Toaster ModelPriceSlotsWattageSpecial Features
Philips Eco ConsciousTBA2830W8 settings, 100% Bio-plastics
KitchenAid (KMT2203CA)TBA4900W7 settings, ECO mode, stainless steel
Nostalgia MyMini Single SliceTBA1500WTimer, cool-touch, retro design
Proctor Silex 2-SliceTBA2700WExtra-wide, adjustable shade, easy-to-clean
Nostalgia Kraft 2-SliceTBA2650WWide, removable toast baskets, retro
Smeg 4 Slot TBA41800W6 levels, defrost/reheat functions, retro
Elite Gourmet Long Slot 4 SliceTBA4 (long)1300W7 settings, removable crumb tray, stylish design

1. Philips Eco Conscious Toaster

Philips Eco Conscious Toaster is designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint. We really like that it’s made of 100% Bio-based plastics. The company itself has pledged to be CO2 neutral in global operations in 2020 and beyond. The Phillips Eco Conscious Toaster is a 2-slot 830W compact toaster with 8 browning settings.

It has an integrated bun rack, self-centering feature, defrost and reheat mode, cancel button, and removable crumb tray. It is made with sustainable design and is safe and sustainable. It is also modern and minimalistic. Drawing only 830 W means that its one of the lowest power toasters on our list. This toaster is available in a single white matt color. It’s also unusually non-toaster-like in its design and really stands out.

2. KitchenAid Toaster

The KitchenAid KMT2203CA is an energy-efficient toaster that boasts a low 900W wattage. Its four extra-wide slots give ample room for toast, bagels, and English muffins, while its seven shade settings allow customized toasting. The auto-eject function ensures your toast won’t get stuck, and the removable crumb tray makes for easy cleanup.

But energy efficiency is probably what sets this toaster apart from the rest: Its energy-saving ECO mode only uses half the energy of typical toasters, allowing you to save on energy costs without sacrificing quality toast. Plus, the sleek stainless steel design adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen countertop. Overall, this toaster is energy-efficient for those looking for a top-notch toaster.

3. Nostalgia MyMini Single Slice Toaster

The Nostalgia Miniature Single-Slice Toaster is a fun and functional addition to the kitchen. It’s compact design takes up minimal counter space and is perfect for small apartments, dorms, campers and more! The retro design adds a vintage touch to the kitchen.

It has a toasting timer allowing for perfect toasting results every time. The cool-touch exterior provides safety while the automatic shutoff feature prevents accidental fires. The drop-down crumb tray provides easy cleanup. Because it only toasts a single slice at a time, it’s one of the lowest wattages we’ve ever seen at a measly 500 W. Who’s it good for? Any household that requires only a single slice of toast at a time.

4. Proctor Silex 2-Slice Toaster

The Proctor Silex 2-Slice Toaster 22305 is an energy-efficient powerhouse with a very low 700 watts of energy. But don’t let the low wattage scare you – it means this toaster can toast bread quickly and evenly. Plus, its crisp white exterior and stainless steel accents add a bit of style to any kitchen countertop.

The extra-wide slots and adjustable shade selector make it easy to toast everything from thick homemade bread to frozen waffles. And the easy-to-clean removable crumb tray ensures your kitchen stays neat. It weighs 2.2 Pounds, which means it is lightweight and easy to move around, making it a great option for those who might not have the space for a full-sized toaster.

5. Nostalgia Kraft 2-Slice Toaster

Coming in at pretty low 650 W power rating, the Nostalgia Kraft 2-Slice Toaster is really cute because it has a bright yellow color like Kraft singles cheese. We don’t know why this toaster is also called “Nostalgia”? It’s a great toaster for anyone who wants a retro kitchen look.

The Nostalgia Kraft 2-Slice Toaster is equipped with wide slots that can accommodate two thick-stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches. It also has removable toasting baskets that hold the sandwiches in place while toasting, as well as an adjustable toasting dial to select the preferred doneness.

The toaster also has Cancel, Preheat, and Defrost functions, and the housing and handles stay cool to the touch. The cord wrap is located in the bottom of the unit for easy storage, and the toasting baskets and drip tray can be removed for easy cleaning. At 650W, it’s the lowest wattage for a 2-slot toaster.

6. Smeg 4 Slot Toaster

The Smeg 4 Slot Toaster TSF03RDUS is not only a stunning addition to any kitchen, with its retro design and variety of color options, but it’s also energy efficient. With 1800 watts, this toaster can quickly toast bread, bagels, and English muffins to perfection while using less energy than other models on the market.

The 6 browning levels give you complete control over your desired level of toastiness, and the removable crumb tray makes for easy cleanup. This toaster also features defrost and reheat functions, ensuring your frozen breakfast options are just as tasty as freshly-made ones. It weighs 3.8 Kilograms, making it a bit heavier than other toasters on the market, but that extra weight ensures durability and stability. Overall, if you’re looking for a top-notch energy-efficient toaster with style and functionality in one package, the Smeg 4 Slot Toaster TSF03RDUS is an excellent choice.

7. Elite Gourmet Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster

The Elite Gourmet Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster is the perfect toaster for anyone in the market for a new one. This energy-efficient appliance boasts 1300 watts of power and can handle even the thickest slices of bread or bagels. Its extra-long slots accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes, making it perfect for breakfast sandwiches or frozen waffles.

The seven shade settings give you complete power over how toasty you want your toast. And thanks to its removable crumb tray, cleanup has never been simpler. Its stainless steel and black design are stylish and classic, ensuring it will look great in any kitchen. With its affordable price tag, the Elite Gourmet Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster delivers value and function in one package.

Things To Look For Before Buying An Energy-Efficient Toaster

When shopping for an energy-efficient toaster, there are a few key features. First, check the energy star rating. This will give you an idea of how energy efficient the toaster is compared to similar models on the market. Another thing to consider is the mode of operation.

Some toasters allow you to set a specific temperature, while others have preset options like “toast” or “bagel.” Additionally, pay attention to the number and size of slots. Smaller households may not need a four-slice toaster, but larger families may appreciate the added convenience.

Finally, take note of special features such as defrost or cancel buttons and removable crumb trays for easy cleaning. By keeping these factors in mind, you can find the energy-efficient toaster that best meets your needs.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a top-quality toaster that is both stylish and energy efficient, there are many excellent options on the market. Our favorites include the Smeg 4-Slot Toaster TSF03RDUS, the Elite Gourmet Long Slot 4-Slice Toaster, and the Cuisinart Touch-Toast 2-Slice. No matter your needs or budget, there’s an energy-efficient toaster out there just waiting to be discovered. So go ahead and start shopping today!

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