Assembling A Sustainable Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Introduction – Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are one way to invest in sustainable fashion by maximizing the use of every article of clothing through ensuring each piece synergizes with the rest. If you live in a four-season country, it is best to have outfits fit for every season – one is a fall capsule wardrobe.

When you create a capsule wardrobe, you can confidently show up in public wearing a carefully picked collection of garments you purchased because you truly adore each piece.

Fall colors are more subdued

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of pieces you can mix and match to create multiple outfits. These items are usually timeless classics that don’t go out of style quickly and are made primarily out of basic, nondescript hues. You may get a lot of wear out of a tiny wardrobe by following the principles of the capsule wardrobe.

History Of Capsule Wardrobes

The idea of keeping one’s wardrobe to a small number of essential pieces has gained a lot of traction in recent years, especially on social media. This idea, though, has been around for quite some time.

Susie Faux launched the London store Wardrobe in the ’70s, selling simple, high-quality pieces that could be worn in a variety of combinations. Her mission was to encourage ladies to feel good about their appearance.

When fashion designer Donna Karan released her Seven Easy Pieces collection in 1985, the concept of a capsule wardrobe began to gain traction in the United States. Her models wore identical bodysuits while displaying seven separates.

The runway show was well received, and the concept of a versatile capsule wardrobe gained traction as a result. Perhaps the fact that a capsule wardrobe improves our lives so dramatically has led to its recent resurgence as a fashion trend.

fall capsule wardrobe

Fall Capsule Wardrobe: A Guide For Beginners

A fall capsule wardrobe consists of practical fall staples that are timeless and versatile enough to wear all season. The aim is to have fewer garments with more styling options while staying within the season’s trend or theme.

How To Create A Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Creating your fall capsule wardrobe requires thoughtful planning, but it’s worth the effort. Here are some tips on how to start building your fall wardrobe:

  1. Choose a color palette: Pick colors that flatter you and fall within this season’s trends. According to experts, neutrals like black, navy blue, cream, ivory, and grey are always staples for fall.
  2. Stick to the basics: Solid colors and classic cuts will give you the most mileage out of your fall wardrobe. Invest in quality pieces that can be worn in multiple ways, such as a blazer and trousers set or a dress with an interesting collar.
  3. Layer up: Layering is key for fall, so make sure to invest in several lightweight sweaters, cardigans, and jackets that can easily transition from one outfit to another. Consider investing in different shades of your go-to fall colors or opt for fun prints like florals and animal prints.
  4. Experiment with textures: Try pairing knit sweaters with corduroy pants or velvet skirts with woolen coats to add texture to your fall wardrobe.

By following these tips, you’ll have a fall capsule wardrobe that will last you for months and ensure that you never run out of outfit ideas!

With the right combination of pieces, you could create up to 20 unique looks with just 10 items. Not only will this save you time and money, but it also ensures that you always look stylish no matter the occasion. So what are you waiting for? Start building your fall capsule wardrobe today!

Why Should You Have A Capsule Wardrobe?

Below are some reasons why you have to consider having a capsule wardrobe:

Reason 1: Decision Fatigue Is Lessened

What’s the deal with “decision fatigue”? Throughout the day, we can only make a limited amount of decisions because our brains are set up to do so.

After that, it grows fatiguing, and we have difficulty making more decisions. Owning a capsule wardrobe suggests that you have fewer items, they function well with each other, and you enjoy them.

That way, deciding on an outfit for the day during morning preparations is less of a hassle, and you may avoid decision fatigue.

Reason 2: Time Saver

Time is another resource you won’t waste if your closet is well-organized. Seeing as you have a firm grasp on your taste and the things you find useful, you are well aware of the things you should stock your closet with.

It doesn’t take long to go shopping or get something online, and you don’t waste time aimlessly browsing. As I mentioned before, you don’t waste time rummaging through your closet because you think you don’t have anything to wear.

Reason 3: Sustainable

The most important reason for us! The minimalist approach of a capsule wardrobe is environmentally friendly. You tend to invest in classic things that will serve you well for many years.

Since you don’t have many garments, to begin with, you make good use of each one. Those who choose a minimal wardrobe are also likely to buy high-quality, long-lasting pieces rather than support the wasteful fast fashion industry.

Reason 4: Saves Money

Many financial benefits are possible as well. With a well-curated capsule wardrobe, you may save time and money by limiting the number of times you head to the mall. Because of this, you get more use out of your clothes and avoid wasting money on items you won’t wear often.

Reason 5: Less Stress

Having a minimal wardrobe can help you relax more generally. Avoid worrying that the garments won’t fit because they are fully customizable.

In addition, having fewer garments means less laundry and fewer repairs. When traveling or relocating, you’re more likely to wear clothes that don’t require a lot of maintenance or space in your suitcase.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

If you’re ready to create a fall capsule wardrobe, here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Blazer and trousers set
  • Polo neck sweater
  • Corduroy pants
  • White shirt with roll-up sleeves
  • Longline coat or blazer
  • High-waisted sustainable jeans with distressed details
  • Velvet skirt
  • Faux fur jacket
  • Woolen coat
  • Ankle boots

By adhering to the guidelines of a fall capsule wardrobe, you may step out in public with the assurance that your carefully curated assortment of items will keep you warm and comfortable all season long.

A fall capsule wardrobe is a worthwhile investment because it requires fewer items, reduces choice fatigue, and simplifies the morning routine. Buy staples that can be worn in many different ways and are constructed from neutral colors.

If you want to get the most out of your fall clothing, try layering lightweight sweaters and jackets in a variety of colors and fabrics.

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Basic Capsule Wardrobe Formula

Now that you have an idea of what fall capsule wardrobe pieces to include in your wardrobe, here is a basic formula to follow:

  • 2-3 Blazers/Jackets – Blazers and jackets are essential for fall. Invest in blazers or coats with interesting details like oversized collars or shoulder pads. Consider adding a sustainable rain jacket for those who live in areas where fall turns into rainy season.
  • 3-4 Bottoms – Choose jeans, trousers, skirts, or shorts in fall staples like black, navy blue, cream, ivory, and grey. Alternatively, you can also choose fun prints like plaids and florals.
  • 4-5 Dresses/Tops – Pick dresses with interesting collars such as a pussy bow or cowl neckline. Or if you prefer tops, opt for basics like polo neck sweaters, plain tees, and long-sleeved blouses.
  • 2-3 Shoes – Choose shoes that can be worn for both casual and dressy occasions such as ankle boots or loafers.
  • 1 Bag/Purse – You don’t need to invest in a lot of bags and purses during the fall. Just choose one bag or purse that is versatile enough to go with all your fall looks. A purse made of recycled materials will add extra points to making the ward robe sustainable.

Underwear Is An Essential Part Of Wardrobe

A sustainable capsule wardrobe is all about making mindful choices that prioritize durability, versatility, and eco-friendly practices. Though often overlooked, underwear is a crucial component of this wardrobe, serving as the foundation for daily comfort and confidence.

To truly embrace sustainability, consider investing in underwear and bras made from recycled or low-impact materials such as bamboo. Not only are these eco-conscious options gentle on the environment, but they also provide exceptional softness and breathability.

By incorporating sustainable underwear into your capsule wardrobe, you’ll be taking a discreet yet powerful step towards promoting a greener future.


Accessories play a pivotal role in personalizing your style. From handbags to jewelry, to scarves and sustainable hats, these small add-ons often make the biggest difference in your outfit.

Just like in the fashion industry, there are numerous accessory brands committed to ethical sourcing, and materials that minimize environmental impact.

One of the lesser considered yet equally important accessories is the hairbrush. It’s a daily necessity for many, but often we don’t think about its environmental footprint. With the advent of eco-friendly hair brushes, that’s starting to change.

Eco-friendly hair brushes are typically made from bamboo or other sustainable wood sources, and the bristles can be crafted from boar or plant-based materials.


The best approach to get the most use out of your fall clothing is to create a capsule wardrobe for the season.

Invest in classic and versatile pieces that can be worn in a variety of different combinations, choose colors and prints that look good on you, and layer for added texture and intrigue.

You can make an infinite number of chic fall outfits with only a few key pieces by planning and putting in a little bit of creative effort.

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