Welcome to Shrink That Footprint

Welcome to Shrink That Footprint!

This is a website for people who want to understand, calculate and reduce their carbon footprint.  This is our first post, and we’d like to introduce you to the site.

The Shrink Guide

The Shrink Guide is an online guide for understanding, calculating and reducing your carbon footprint.  It is more than 30,000 words of  structured analysis into what carbon footprints are, why they are important and how we can shrink them.

If you are concerned about climate change and want to understand how your lifestyle affects it then it is an excellent starting point.  The guide is structured as follows:

Introduction: The Shrink Guide
1: What is a carbon footprint?
2: What is climate change?
3: Carbon targets for your footprint
4: Calculate your carbon footprint
5: Shrink your housing footprint
6: Shrink your travel footprint
7: Shrink your food footprint
8: Shrink your product footprint
9: Shrink your service footprint
10: Take further climate action
Conclusion: Take action

Carbon Calculator

If you would like to do your own calculations, please see step four of the guide.

Weekly Posts

Each week we will add a new blog post about reducing carbon footprints.  The posts will mostly cover ideas for shrinking housing, travel, food, product and service footprints.  In addition to this we will occasionally look at broader climate action by people, governments and business.

We hope you enjoy looking through the guide.  Please join us next week for our first proper post.


On occasion our research justifies more formal publication.  For these topics we will publish a mix of longer reports and shorter white papers.  At present we are yet to release our first report, though it should appear in February 2013.

Lindsay Wilson
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I founded Shrink That Footprint in November 2012, after a long period of research. For many years I have calculated, studied and worked with carbon footprints, and Shrink That Footprint is that interest come to life.

I have an Economics degree from UCL, have previously worked as an energy efficiency analyst at BNEF and continue to work as a strategy consultant at Maneas.  I have consulted to numerous clients in energy and finance, as well as the World Economic Forum.

When I’m not crunching carbon footprints you’ll often find me helping my two year old son tend to the tomatoes, salad and peppers growing in our upcycled greenhouse.