The Best Sustainable Rain Jacket: Top 7

Introduction – Staying Dry During The Rainy Season

The rainy season needs a perfect rain jacket that protects you from rain and keeps you warm and comfortable. It should be lightweight, waterproof, and breathable to keep you dry in the rain and allow air to pass through easily. It should also have a hood that provides extra protection against harsh elements. People are choosing sustainable rain jackets made with eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton

sustainable rain jacket
Sustainability means quality made with eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastics

These jackets are durable and can last for years while also being affordable and stylish. Many brands also offer rain jackets in various colors, allowing you to find the perfect one for your style. 

When choosing a sustainable rain jacket, remember that the material used for making these jackets should be high quality, durable, and impervious to water so that it lasts longer. Apart from this, many other features like adjustable cuffs, drawstrings at the waist, and hemline provide an adjustable fit according to your body shape. We will discuss some of the best eco-friendly rain jackets in the article.

Synthetic Materials In Rain Jackets Present A Sustainability Problem

The main materials used in the construction of a rain jacket include synthetic outer fabrics (such as nylon or polyester), waterproof and breathable membranes (e.g., Gore-Tex, PU, or PTFE), linings made from mesh, polyester, or nylon, and waterproof or water-resistant seams and zippers. These materials work together to provide protection from the rain while maintaining comfort and breathability.

The problem is that the synthetic materials are plastic and petroleum-derived and therefore contribute to carbon emissions.

Sustainable Rain Jacket Solutions

There are sustainable alternatives to traditional synthetic materials used in rain jackets. These eco-friendly options are designed to reduce the environmental impact and carbon emissions associated with the production and disposal of rain jackets.

Recycled materials: Some rain jackets are made from recycled plastics, such as PET bottles, which are turned into polyester or nylon fabrics. Using recycled materials conserves resources, reduces waste, and lowers the carbon footprint associated with producing new materials.

PFC-free DWR coatings: Many traditional durable water repellent (DWR) coatings contain perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), which are harmful to the environment and have been linked to health issues. Some eco-friendly rain jackets use PFC-free DWR coatings that provide water resistance without the negative environmental impact.

Waxing: applying wax layers to fabric is an age-old method of creating water-resistant clothing, including rain jackets. Waxed cotton, for example, is a popular choice for this purpose. Waxing fabric involves impregnating the fibers with wax, which repels water and prevents it from soaking into the material. Waxed fabrics have drawbacks for example requiring regular maintenance, including re-waxing and careful cleaning, to maintain their water resistance and appearance.

Examples Of Materials Used In Sustainable Rain Jackets

The following are materials that are generally sustainable but by themselves are not the entire solution. They will need to be combined with a waxing or coating, whether natural or synthetic, to achieve water proofing.

1. Organic Cotton: Organic cotton is a natural and eco-friendly fabric that can be used to make sustainable rain jackets. It is a breathable material that is lightweight, durable, and has a soft feel.

2. Recycled Polyester: Recycled polyester is a sustainable fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is a highly durable material that is water-resistant and can be used to make rain jackets.

3. Bamboo: Bamboo is a natural and sustainable fabric that is known for its durability and breathability. It is also lightweight, making it an ideal fabric for making rain jackets.

4. Hemp: Hemp is a sustainable fabric that is known for its durability and strength. It is also water-resistant and can be used to make rain jackets.

5. Wool: Wool is a natural and sustainable fabric that is known for its warmth and breathability. It is also water-resistant and can be used to make rain jackets.

Of these the shell is most likely to be recycled plastic or polyester. The others are good for lining the jacket. However, wool is very water resistant and conceivably you could stand outside in the rain for a while wearing wool and not be drenched. On the other hand, cotton is terrible for being the shell because it loses its insulating properties immediately upon getting wet.

7 Sustainable Rain Jackets

Rainy season can be an excuse to look fashionable and stay protected at the same time. To make it easier for you, here are some of the best sustainable rain jackets that can keep you dry and cozy during tough weather conditions:

1. North Face Jacket

The North Face Jacket is an impressive and sustainable rain jacket that speaks volumes to the eco-friendly nature of the product. Its shell is made from recycled polyester fabric, lending a helping hand to our planet while ensuring you stay comfortable in any conditions.

Thanks to its Durable Water-Resistant (DWR) coating, this sustainable rain jacket also repels light rain and snow, so you can stay completely dry as you venture outdoors—in style! It offers an adjustable hood and hem for a custom fit, two secure-zip hand pockets, elastic cuffs, and an internal pocket that is perfect for storing small items. As you suit up in this revolutionary piece of apparel, revel in the knowledge that your newest addition is doing more for the environment than just keeping you warm and dry – it’s helping preserve it too.

2. Patagonia Men’s Torrentshell Jacket 

Patagonia is one of our favorite brands. The Patagonia Men’s Torrentshell Jacket is made from sustainable and lightweight H2No Performance Standard fabric to protect you from the elements while delivering breathability. This eco-friendly rain jacket incorporates technology to ensure 100% water-repellent performance in any condition, leaving you safe, warm, and dry without compromising on the quality of your garment.

The fabric is designed for extended use to endure heavy restrictions for long-lasting reliability and lifecycle excellence. The combination of sustainable construction with incredible functionality makes this sustainable rain jacket a perfect investment for anyone facing the elements.

3. Tentree

Tentree jackets are sustainable rain jackets that make a powerful environmental statement. These jackets are manufactured from 100% recycled polyester fabric, and these innovative and sustainable outerwear pieces are designed to stand the test of time and extreme weather. Tentree jackets are crafted with attention to detail and superior materials, providing superior comfort and breathability.

Tentree comes with a cool logo

Each one is also lined with waterproof fabric to prevent moisture from reaching the skin, plus features like reinforced seams for added strength, double-stitched hems for durability, adjustable cuffs to ensure snugness, and pockets for keeping small items close at hand make each Tentree jacket a versatile and reliable wardrobe staple. There’s no better choice for sustainable fashionistas everywhere than a Tentree jacket made of 100% recycled material.

4. Baxter Wood

Baxter Wood is an outdoor lifestyle brand based in the Pacific Northwest that needs no introduction to sustainable and stylish rain jackets. Their classic look features a 3-layer sustainable nylon fabric with vegan suede shoulders and elbows and a water-repellent finish that ensures quality protection from the unpredictable weather of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

You can’t go wrong with Baxter Wood’s classic rain slicker style, featuring a minimalist yet functional design with sustainable materials, roll-up hoods, adjustable sleeves, and a drawstring waist for maximum comfort. Whether you’re out camping or just on your daily commute, Baxter Wood has crafted its sustainable jackets to keep you looking good and feeling great no matter where your adventures take you!

5. Seasalt

Seasalt sustainable raincoats have designed a sustainable rain jacket that is helping to combat climate change. , Seasalt sustainable raincoats are helping reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills while providing fashion and function to weather any storm using recycled fabrics. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are stylish too! Sustainable rain jackets come in various colors and styles for men and women, made with sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and organic cotton.

They also feature stormproof fabric technologies from their partners, like waterproof membranes and windproof bonded seams. With advanced insulation technology, you’ll also stay warm even on the coldest days. The best part? Seasalt sustainable raincoats have promised to donate 1% of all sales to environmental organizations which help promote conservation and the protection of our planet without compromising style or performance.

6. Nau

Nau is proud to present its sustainable rain jacket using PFC-free DWR (which we reference above). Durable Water Repellency (DWR) is a protective layer applied to waterproof clothing, causing water droplets to bead on the surface of garments and preventing seepage. Most DWR treatments are made with the help of Per- and Polyfluorinated Compounds (PFCs). For decades, PFCs have been utilized in the outdoor industry with hazardous consequences to ecosystems and human health.

To promote sustainable practices and preserve our planet, Nau has designed a sustainable rain jacket that sources PFC-free DWR. This new sustainable rain jacket provides superior quality through its innovative technology that repels water without impacting our environment or health. With this Pensions-free sustainable design, Nau aims to provide an experience that doesn’t just look good but does well as it strives to become a more sustainable brand.

7. Thought

Thought is a sustainable clothing brand that creates innovative fashion from sustainable materials. Their unique rain jackets are made from recycled polyester and cotton to reduce environmental waste. The fabrics used have been donated or rescued, providing customers with high-quality garments that actively reduce overproduction.

Thought’s sustainable rain jackets also boast soft, lightweight linings and strong waterproofing abilities, making them ideal for all weather conditions. Not only do they keep wearers warm and dry, but they look great too! With sustainable processes, the best technological advances, and thoughtful design details, Thought has created a fashionable and sustainable range of rain jackets that fit every wardrobe.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, having a sustainable rain jacket made with eco-friendly materials is the best way to stay warm and dry while showing your commitment to protecting the environment. There are many options, all of which provide excellent quality and protection in various styles. No matter your choice, these sustainable rain jackets will ensure you’re prepared for weather conditions without harming our planet. So go ahead and find the perfect sustainable rain jacket for your style and comfort needs!

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