Bento Box Salad: A Quick Guide

Introduction – Bento Box Salad

Bento box salads, little feasts neatly tucked into compact boxes, have seen a wave of popularity lately. The concept, originally hailing from Japan, offers a balanced, visually pleasing meal that can cater to a multitude of dietary needs.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Bento Box Salads. In this article, we delve into the world of these compact, nutrient-dense meals, shedding light on how they contribute to sustainable living, carbon reduction, and health.

This guide will cover the bare essentials you need to know about bento box salads, from recipes and preparation techniques to restaurant and online options. 

The idea of the bento box comes from Japan

From home-grown, in-season ingredients to the ecological merits of reusable containers, we’ll explore the profound impacts of our food choices.

We’ll also share delightful recipes, handy preparation techniques, and tips for customizing your own bento, infusing the concepts of home gardening and sustainability into every bite.

Whether you’re a green-thumb, a foodie, or an eco-conscious reader, this guide is a culinary journey that marries taste, health, and care for our planet.

Understanding Bento Box Salads

Bento box salads present a versatile mix of fresh, nutritious ingredients neatly arranged in compact, reusable boxes.

They are nutrient-dense meals often composed of greens, lean proteins, whole grains, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Choosing a bento box salad for your meal offers health benefits ranging from better portion control to a diverse intake of essential nutrients.

Bountiful Bento Box Salad Recipes 

A delightful recipe to kickstart your bento box salad journey is the “Chicken and Avocado Bento” from Jamie Oliver’s book “Super Food Family Classics.”

This combines the silky richness of avocado with the protein-packed goodness of grilled chicken, laying on a bed of mixed greens. It’s balanced, wholesome, and a riot of flavors in every bite. 

Our Recipe – Seasonal Bento Box Salad

Meet our Seasonal Bento Box Salad, a celebration of sustainability, health, and flavor all neatly packed into one container. This versatile and nutritious meal is designed for those who value mindful eating and seek to make an impact with their food choices.

This recipe suits everyone. Its simplicity allows even culinary novices to prepare it with endless customization possibilities. It’s a great everyday lunch, works well for picnics, and gatherings or parties.

This bento box salad is particularly wonderful for those committed to reducing their carbon footprint. By using seasonal produce, you support local farmers, reduce food miles, and contribute to a more sustainable food system.


  • 1 cup mixed salad greens (spinach, romaine, arugula, etc.)
  • 1/2 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1/2 cup diced seasonal vegetables (such as bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers)
  • 1/2 cup diced seasonal fruits (such as berries, apple, pear, etc.)
  • 1/4 cup cooked legumes (like chickpeas or black beans)
  • 2 tablespoons of nuts or seeds (such as sliced almonds or sunflower seeds)
  • 1/4 cup crumbled cheese (optional)
  • Dressing: 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon honey, salt, and pepper to taste.


  1. Prepare Quinoa: Rinse 1/4 cup of raw quinoa under cold water. Bring 1/2 cup of water to a boil in a small saucepan. Add the quinoa, reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes, or until all water is absorbed. Fluff with a fork and set aside to cool.
  2. Prepare Vegetables and Fruits: Dice your chosen vegetables and fruits into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Prepare Legumes: If using canned legumes, drain and rinse them thoroughly. If using dried legumes, follow package instructions for cooking.
  4. Prepare Dressing: In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, salt, and pepper.
  5. Assemble Bento Box: Start with a base layer of mixed salad greens. Arrange the quinoa, diced vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts or seeds in separate sections on top of the greens. Sprinkle the crumbled cheese on top, if using.
  6. Pack Dressing: Pack the dressing in a separate, small container within the bento box to prevent the salad from becoming soggy. Pour over the salad just before eating.
  7. Store & Enjoy: Close your bento box securely. Keep it in the refrigerator if not consuming immediately. Enjoy your sustainable, nutritious, and delicious bento box salad!

Remember, this recipe is fully customizable. The key is to use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to reduce carbon footprint, while still providing a nutrient-dense, delicious meal. Happy sustainable eating!

Mastering the Art of Preparing Bento Box Salads 

Preparing a bento box salad is as easy as it is enjoyable. Techniques form the backbone of a well-crafted bento box.

Consider investing in a good knife set, such as the Victorinox Swiss Classic 3-Piece Chef’s Set.

These sharp, durable knives will make chopping and slicing your ingredients a breeze. 

Victorinox Swiss Classic 3-Piece Chef’s Set

Designed for everyday use, this knife set is a great investment for every kitchen. The high-carbon, stainless-steel blades remain sharp for longer periods and they’re dishwasher safe. 

Purchasing Bento Box Salads Online

While the term “Bento Box” originates from Japan and is typically associated with Asian cuisine, the essence of a bento – a single-portion, compartmentalized meal – is a concept that has transcended cultural boundaries.

Many food vendors around the world, though they may not explicitly label their offerings as “bento boxes,” provide meals that embrace the spirit of a bento box through their balanced, portioned, and aesthetically pleasing offerings.

Here are three choices that deliver on the bento box concept, even if they don’t always use the term:

1. Freshii

Although not marketed as bento boxes, Freshii offers customizable bowls that encapsulate the same principles. Customers can create a well-rounded, nutritious meal by selecting from a variety of proteins, grains, vegetables, and dressings. Their focus on fresh, wholesome ingredients aligns well with the ethos of a bento box.

2. Sweetgreen

Similar to Freshii, Sweetgreen specializes in nutritious, customizable bowls. The company’s commitment to locally sourced and seasonal ingredients further echoes the bento box’s emphasis on freshness and balance. Their salads can easily be seen as a Western interpretation of the bento box concept.

3. Panera Bread

Panera’s selection of salads and grain bowls provides another Western take on the bento box. Customers can choose from a variety of ingredients to create a meal that’s both visually pleasing and nutritionally balanced.

Creating Your Own Custom Bento Box Salad

Creating your own bento box salad is a creative and rewarding process. Monbento square boxes are excellent for customizing your own bento, offering dividers to partition various meal components. 

Monbento Square Boxes

Not only are they microwave and dishwasher safe, Monbento boxes are compact, sturdy, and come in many attractive colors and designs. 

The Role of Bento Box Salads in Carbon Reduction and Sustainability

Embracing a bento box lifestyle goes beyond creating a nutritious meal.

Selecting plant-based ingredients reduces your carbon footprint and supports a sustainable future.

Further sustainability can be achieved by sourcing ingredients locally and in-season.

Plus, the reusable nature of bento boxes significantly cuts down on single-use plastic waste.


Whether you’re exploring new recipes, honing your kitchen skills, trying to eat healthier, or aspiring to a more sustainable lifestyle, embracing the bento box salad trend could be a fresh and exciting endeavor.

One that, quite literally, brings a box full of benefits.

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