Ultimate Guide to Bottom Watering Plants

Introduction – Bottom Watering Plants

There’s a watering technique that stands head and shoulders above the rest – bottom watering. Offering your plants a thorough, even drink, bottom watering promotes their overall vitality and growth. This comprehensive guide will help you master the art of bottom watering, safeguarding the health of your indoor greenery.

Bottom watering means you let the plant absorb water from the base

Mastering the Art of Bottom Watering

Bottom watering is a straightforward approach where you focus on watering the plant from the base rather than sprinkling the top. Follow these steps to ensure that it’s done correctly.

1. Ensure your plant is housed in a suitable plastic or ceramic pot complete with drainage holes.

2. Next, position your plant in a tray or basin filled with water. One good option available on Amazon is the Curtis Wagner Plastics Plant Saucer.

3. Give your plant time to soak in the water through the drainage holes.

4. Once you feel that the topsoil has become moist, withdraw the plant from the tray.

The Ideal Watering Duration

Determining the length of time to bottom water depends on the size of your plant and the dryness of the soil. No one size fits all here, but generally, leaving your plant in for about 10 to 30 minutes should do the trick.

Plant-Specific Guide

Certain plants, such as the much-loved Pothos and Monstera, are perfect candidates for this method of watering. It’s always a good idea to research your particular plant or seek expert advice for the best care routine.

Beware of the Risks of Over-Watering 

Adopting the bottom watering technique doesn’t completely annul the risk of over-watering your plants. Therefore, after watering, ensure to check that your plant is not excessively soaked to prevent potential root rot.

How Often Should You Water?

Although the optimum frequency of watering depends on the plant species, a valuable tip is to allow the soil dry out completely between watering sessions. This plan helps prevent over-watering.

Catering to Different Plant Needs

The bottom watering technique is not universally fit for all plants. While some plants, like those with delicate or small roots, might benefit from this method, others, such as succulents and fleshy types, are better suited to top watering.

Carbon Reduction and Sustainability

Bottom watering facilitates water conservation. By allowing your plants to take up only the water they need, it reduces waste, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability. Additionally, healthier plants can store carbon more effectively, which aids in mitigating climate change.

Product Guide: Bottom-Watering Plant Saucers

20 minutes of soaking will let the water draw up into the soil

Bottom watering is a gardening technique that ensures plants receive moisture directly at their roots, promoting healthier growth and reducing the risks of over-watering or water-borne diseases.

A tool for this method is the plant saucer, a tray placed beneath pots to hold water and allow plants to absorb it upwards. These trays not only facilitate effective bottom watering but also protect surfaces from water and soil spillage.

As this technique gains popularity among gardeners, the market has seen a surge of innovative saucers.

Among the standout products are the Curtis Wagner Plastics Drip Pan Plant Saucers, the LEMMOM 10-inch Clear Plastic Plant Saucer, and the YOUniversal Products Plant Saucers.

Each offers unique features, catering to various plant sizes and gardener needs. Let’s dive into the specifics of these products to understand which one might best suit your bottom watering endeavors.

Curtis Wagner Plastics Drip Pan Plant Saucers

This pack of five clear, round trays from Curtis Wagner, priced at $10.73, offers an affordable solution for bottom watering. Measuring 3″ at the base, 4″ at the top, and 1.12″ in depth, they stand out for their durability and unique airflow design. Compared to other products, such as the LEMMOM and YOUniversal saucers, the Curtis Wagner saucers are the smallest in diameter but share a similar high-quality rating with 4.4 out of 5. They’re perfect for smaller pots, and the wide variety of sizes available makes them a versatile choice. Made in the USA, they rival the quality assurance of the YOUniversal saucers.

LEMMOM 10-inch Clear Plastic Plant Saucer

Priced at $14.99 for ten pieces, the LEMMOM saucers provide a balance between price and quantity. At 10″ in top diameter, these modern, round drip trays fill the medium size niche, sitting between the smaller Curtis Wagner and larger YOUniversal saucers. Their 4.5 out of 5 rating underscores their quality, matching that of the YOUniversal saucers. Made from 100% recyclable PET, they edge ahead in environmental friendliness. Their clear design, similar to Curtis Wagner’s, offers the advantage of easy color coordination.

YOUniversal Products Plant Saucers

The YOUniversal saucers, with a pack of five 14″ trays at $26.29, are the premium option among the three. Garnering a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 from a whopping 2,902 reviews, these USA-made saucers ensure quality, similar to the Curtis Wagner saucers. With their 14″ size, they’re best suited for larger plants, and their 90-day manufacturer warranty offers an assurance of durability. Their waterproof design, ensuring optimal plant drainage, is a feature echoed in the other two products but with the added bonus of a satisfaction guarantee. They stand out for DIY enthusiasts, a unique feature compared to the Curtis Wagner and LEMMOM options.

Conclusion – Bottom Watering Plants

Embracing bottom watering could be the turning point in your journey to maintaining healthy, robust plants.

By staying in tune with the individual needs of your plants and acting accordingly, not only will you be nurturing the growth of your indoor garden, but you’ll also be playing your part in fostering a greener planet.

Whether you’re a fan of Pothos, Monstera, or a vast selection of various flora, there’s a place for bottom watering in your plant care routine.

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