Top Hemp Clothing Brands: Guide To Women’s Sustainable Fashion

Introduction – Hemp Clothing Brands

Fashion has always been an intimate form of self-expression, but in recent times, it has grown to embody our values. Among these, sustainability holds a significant place. Riding the wave of this eco-conscious revolution is hemp clothing—an amalgamation of style and environmental mindfulness.

Hemp uses less water than cotton and grows well in more climates

Why Hemp is the Future of Sustainable Fashion

Hemp clothing carries more than just style—it is a commitment to our planet. The threads of the hemp plant that make up this sartorial choice are breathable, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.

What sets hemp apart? Hemp farming needs 50% less water than traditional cotton and flourishes in diverse climates. This low resource demand and resilience make it an ideal choice for conserving water and supporting healthy ecosystems.

Hemp and Carbon Reduction

A new, greener outlook is transforming industry standards, and fashion is no exception. Traditional methods of clothes production, like cotton farming and synthetic materials manufacture, contribute significantly to carbon emissions. But here, hemp plays the hero.

Known for gorging on carbon dioxide, hemp absorbs 10 tons per acre—a remarkably higher figure than most plants and trees—making it a crucial ally in reducing the carbon footprint in the fashion industry.

Top Hemp Clothing Brands: A Review

1. Patagonia

A forerunner in sustainable fashion, Patagonia has consistently married style with sustainability. Their hemp clothing line mirrors these values distinctly. The Women’s Hemp-Dyed Crew Sweatshirt, priced at $79, is a lightweight, breathable garment tailored from soft hemp-cotton blend dyed with earth-friendly dyes—a perfect choice for warm weather.

Their Men’s Back Step Shorts are another available marvel, crafted from a comfortable hemp and organic cotton blend that keeps one cool in heat and is priced at $69. Patagonia is also especially reputabele for their recycling program, whereby they take back worn-out clothes for recycling into new ones. Visit the official website for a closer look at their collection.

Sample Product: Women’s All Seasons Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants – Regular

  • Price: $79 (you may need to check the link for the current price)
  • Description: These lightweight yet durable double-knee work pants are made from innovative 9.6-oz All Seasons Hemp canvas. They are designed for comfort, durability, and eco-friendliness, reflecting Patagonia’s commitment to quality and the environment.

Brand Website: Patagonia

2. Afends

Subtle colors and modern silhouettes define Afends, an advocate for the trendy, environmentally conscious fashionista. From casual everyday wear to bold statement ensembles, Afends’ hemp clothing line offers an assortment catering to various moods.

Their Shelby Hemp Wide Leg Pant for women, priced at $100, is made from a delicate blend of hemp and organic cotton – a pair of these can effortlessly upgrade your casual outfit game. Afends is known for its commitment to sustainability, minimizing waste by reusing leftover fabric scraps from their clothing line to produce accessories. You can explore their collection on their online store.

Sample Product: Benny Hemp Maxi Dress

  • Price: $99.99 USD
  • Description: The Benny Hemp Maxi Dress is a blend of elegance, comfort, and sustainability. Crafted from eco-friendly hemp, this dress is a statement of style and a nod to the brand’s commitment to the environment. It’s not just a dress, but an experience of luxury and eco-conscious living.

Brand Website: Afends

3. WAMA Underwear

WAMA Underwear is a brand that has seamlessly blended comfort, style, and sustainability. Every piece in their collection is a testament to their commitment to eco-friendly practices, offering consumers not just underwear, but a sustainable choice that contributes to the well-being of our planet. Their hemp underwear collection is a perfect amalgamation of softness, durability, and eco-consciousness, offering an unparalleled wearing experience while minimizing environmental impact.

Sample Product: Hemp Hipster Panties

  • Price: $24.00
  • Description: These hipster panties are not just a piece of clothing but a sustainable choice for the eco-conscious consumer. Crafted from organic hemp, these panties offer superior comfort, breathability, and durability. Every stitch is a commitment to quality and the environment, making them a popular choice for those looking to merge style, comfort, and eco-friendliness.

Brand Website: WAMA Underwear

4. Toad&Co

Toad&Co is a brand that champions the cause of sustainable fashion, offering a range of clothing that is as stylish as it is eco-friendly. Their hemp collection is a testament to their commitment to the environment, with each piece reflecting the brand’s dedication to quality, comfort, and sustainability. Hemp, known for its numerous benefits, is a star material in Toad&Co’s lineup, ensuring that wearers not only look good but also feel good about their fashion choices.

Sample Product: Hemp Daybreaker Cardigan

  • Price: $110.00
  • Description: The Hemp Daybreaker Cardigan is a blend of style, comfort, and sustainability. Made from eco-friendly hemp, this cardigan is perfect for those looking for a stylish yet environmentally conscious addition to their wardrobe. It’s not just a cardigan, but a statement of Toad&Co’s commitment to the planet.

Brand Website: Toad&Co

Price Comparison

It’s hard to compare prices for clothing due to different offerings from these brands. We use a hemp dress as a way to compare prices in the table below. A glance at the offerings from leading brands reveals a diverse range in both price and composition.

PatagoniaWomen’s Summer Weave Dress$58.995% Hemp (Majority of the material is not hemp)
AfendsJesse – Hemp Mini Dress – Natural$94.99Blend of Tencel and Hemp
Toad&CoHemp Daybreaker Hooded Dress$110.00Blend of Organic Cotton and Hemp

Patagonia’s Women’s Summer Weave Dress, priced at $58.99, contains 5% hemp, suggesting a minimal hemp influence in its overall composition.

On the other hand, Afends offers the Jesse – Hemp Mini Dress at $94.99, crafted from a blend of Tencel and hemp, indicating a more balanced mix of sustainable materials.

Toad&Co takes a slightly different approach with their Hemp Daybreaker Hooded Dress, priced at $110.00, which combines organic cotton and hemp.

This comparison underscores the variability in hemp content and pricing strategies across brands, highlighting the importance of informed choices for consumers seeking genuine sustainability in their wardrobe.


As the fashion industry marches towards a more sustainable existence, women’s hemp clothing serves as an essential guidepost. Your next shopping spree is an opportunity—to radiate style, exude comfort, and most importantly, safeguard our planet. Remember, your fashion choices matter. Make the conscious shift today.

Further Information

For deeper dives into the world of sustainable fashion and eco-friendly fabric choices, resources like Fashion Revolution and Textile Exchange are invaluable. Embrace responsible fashion!

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