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Introduction – Sustainable Sandals

Fashion has always been a way to express ourselves. As our consciousness of the environment and social welfare grows, sustainable and ethical fashion has surged in popularity. When you pick a pair of sandals made with conscious effort towards sustainability, you’re wearing more than just footwear – you’re making a statement of positive change.

Sustainable sandals minimize environmental and social impacts

Understanding Sustainable Sandals

“Sustainability” in footwear speaks to the conscious decisions taken to minimize environmental and social impacts during the production of the shoes. These sandals are created using environmentally-friendly materials, produced with eco-conscious manufacturing processes that aim to reduce waste and carbon emissions while considering the welfare of the makers. 

The Fast Fashion Problem

Fast fashion thrives on quick, cheap production cycles, which often hides a dark underbelly of environmental harm and social injustice. The shocking levels of waste, skyrocketing carbon emissions, and unfair labor conditions that define the industry illuminate the urgent need for sustainable alternatives.

The Variety in Sustainable Footwear – Sustainable Sandals

Sustainable footwear does not only come in one mould. From strappy sandals to breezy slides, the sustainable fashion world is brimming with variety, ensuring a perfect combination of earth-friendly materials and ultimate comfort.

Unraveling Fair Trade Sandals

Choosing fair trade sandals not only adorns you with stylish footwear but also supports the rightful compensation of the skilled hands that made them, ensuring a fair share of the price filters directly back to the artisans.

Where to Shop for Sustainable Sandals

Making the switch to sustainable footwear becomes easy when you know where to look. Official brand websites, as well as certified retailers like The Greenlaces and Ethical Sprout, are good starting points to scout for sustainable sandals that fit your style.

Top Sustainable Footwear Brands And Their Star Products


About the Brand

Allbirds is renowned for creating the world’s most comfortable shoes and clothing made with natural materials like merino wool and eucalyptus. They focus on comfort and environmentally-friendly materials in their product designs​​.

Featured Product: Wool Runner

  • Price: $98
  • Description: The Wool Runner offers warm and cozy ZQ Merino wool with a cushioned midsole for all-day support. It’s known for its next-level comfort and wearability​​.
  • Sustainability Impact: Allbirds uses tire-derived carbon-negative EVA foam and FSC-certified tree materials, emphasizing a reduced environmental impact.


About the Brand

Nisolo produces ethically made shoes and accessories, focusing on timeless design, everyday function, and next-level comfort. Their products are known for being sustainably crafted and offering responsible fashion choices​​.

Featured Product: All-Day Cross Strap Sandal

  • Original Price: $138
  • Current Price: $40
  • Description: The All-Day Cross Strap Sandal is a stylish and comfortable choice, reflecting Nisolo’s commitment to ethical manufacturing​​.
  • Sustainability Impact: Nisolo’s focus on ethical production includes fair labor practices and sustainable material sourcing.


About the Brand

TOMS is a brand with a strong commitment to social responsibility. They are known for their unique shoe designs and a business model that supports mental health and community wellbeing​​.

Featured Product: Alpargata

  • Price: $49.95
  • Description: The Alpargata is a versatile and stylish shoe made from recycled cotton canvas, available in various colors​​.
  • Sustainability Impact: With each purchase, TOMS supports mental health initiatives, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility.

Top Sustainable Footwear Retailers

Green Laces is the Nordic region’s leading vegan shoe and accessory store, known for its design, comfort, and commitment to environmentally friendly and ethical production​​.

The Greenlaces

Featured Products and Brands

  • Product Range: A diverse selection of vegan shoes and accessories.
  • Sustainability Focus: Strong emphasis on environmentally friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes.
  • Brands Offered: Includes 8000kicks, Aevor, Ahimsa, Ahinsa Shoes, Altercore, A Perfect Jane, Arenaria, avesu, Bama, Beflamboyant, bleed, Bohema, Clae, Collonil, Dr. Martens, Ecoalf, El Naturalista, ekn, Ethletic, Ethnotek, FAIR, Fairma, FOT, Gentleberg, Goodstep, Grand Step Shoes, Green Laces, ID.EIGHT, Infinite Running, Kabak, King55, Komrads, Laüd Recycled, LOWA, Lunge, Matt & Nat, Melawear, Miomojo, Muroexe, N’go, NAE, Natural World, Noani, Nomadic State Of Mind, Palladium, Papero, Pinqponq, Plakton, Rarámuri, Solari Milano, Sole Runner, TOMS, Vegetarian Shoes, Veja, Vesica Piscis, Vincente Verde, VIRÓN, Zouri​​.

Why Shop at The Greenlaces

Shopping at The Greenlaces means supporting a vegan, eco-conscious world. Their extensive range of brands and products reflects a commitment to cruelty-free, high-quality, and sustainable fashion.

Ethical Fashion: Beyond the Label

Ethical fashion constructs a relationship between the wearer and maker, grounded in respect and fairness. It’s about knowing that the hands that crafted your chosen sandals were paid fairly, worked in safe conditions, and are being treated humanely.

Ethical practices have had a profound impact on the lives of workers and communities in the global fashion industry. Ethical fashion brands are increasingly prioritizing the well-being of their workers by enforcing fair labor practices and providing safe, humane working conditions.

This includes offering fair wages that support a decent living, ensuring reasonable working hours, and upholding workers’ rights to organize. Furthermore, these brands are fostering transparency in their supply chains, allowing consumers to trace the journey of their products from raw materials to finished goods.

This transparency not only empowers consumers with knowledge but also holds brands accountable, ensuring that their ethical claims are more than just marketing rhetoric. Through these efforts, ethical fashion is contributing to a more equitable and just global economy.

Carbon Reduction and Sustainability in Footwear Manufacturing 

With the fashion industry positioned as a significant contributor to global pollution, sustainable sandal manufacturers are making strides towards reducing their carbon footprint, aiming to drive the industry towards climate-friendly solutions.

The companies we covered are increasingly embracing renewable energy sources in their production processes, significantly lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, they often utilize recycling and upcycling techniques, turning post-consumer waste into high-quality materials for new shoes.

This not only reduces landfill waste but also limits the need for new raw materials. Furthermore, advancements in biodegradable and eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo, and natural rubber, are pivotal in reducing the environmental footprint. By integrating these sustainable practices, footwear manufacturers are playing a crucial role in driving the industry towards a more environmentally responsible future.

Conclusion – Sustainable Sandals

Fashion has always been a powerful medium to express and influence, and sustainable fashion lets us do both responsibly. By embracing environmentally kind and socially just brands, we can drive the industry towards better practices and a healthier planet. Let’s walk the talk with our footwear choices.

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