Microlino UK – Compact Electric Vehicle Availability – 2023

Introduction – Microlino UK

The electric vehicle (EV) world is witnessing a new wave of innovation, driven by companies such as Microlino. As concerns for the environment and carbon reduction grow, the United Kingdom’s interest in electric vehicles expands. This article delves into the relevance of Microlino in the UK, which may be particularly high for the narrow streets and congestion pricing of London.

Microlino in green – the car is 80% sourced in Europe, made in Italy, and has 50% fewer components than a regular car

The Microlino “Bubble Car” Concept

Microlino, a Swiss-designed, Italian-made electric vehicle, as we note above, is slowly making its presence known in the UK market. Known for its super compact design and eco-friendly features, Microlino should be a perfect fit for urban dwellers embracing sustainable lifestyle practices.

Though widespread availability is still ramping up, Microlino’s announcement in the region has garnered the attention of environmentally conscious buyers. Keep an eye on future distribution channels and partnerships as the famed electric vehicle makes its way into the British market.

Microlino Is Up To 5 Times Lighter Than Standard Cars

Microlino vehicles boast a range of specifications designed for city living. With a compact size but impressive capacity, the electric range and battery life suit short commutes and regular errands. Charging options are abundant, thanks to the standard charging infrastructure across the UK. Unique features and design elements cater to the vehicle’s intended eco-friendly purpose, enhancing the overall driving experience.

The Microlino sets itself apart with its smaller, more compact specifications compared to typical electric vehicles. Its power output, for example, is substantially reduced, clocking in at just 11 kW (14.8 hp). This is a stark contrast to standard electric vehicles, which often boast power outputs between 100 kW (134 hp) and 500 kW (670 hp), meaning the Microlino’s power is approximately 10 to 50 times less, depending on the benchmark vehicle used for comparison.

When considering weight, the Microlino tips the scale at a mere 513 kg. This is significantly lighter compared to standard electric vehicles, which generally weigh between 1,500 kg and 2,500 kg. In essence, the Microlino’s weight is about 3 to 5 times less than your typical EV.

The Microlino’s minimalist ethos extends to its seating capacity as well, with space for only two passengers. In contrast, standard vehicles generally provide seating for at least four to five individuals, making the Microlino’s seating capacity about half or less than that of a conventional vehicle.

Lastly, the Microlino’s trunk space stands at 220 litres, substantially less than the 500 to 1,000+ litres often provided in regular vehicles. Therefore, the Microlino offers around 2 to 5 times less cargo space. Overall, the Microlino’s compact and minimalist design greatly distinguishes it from other vehicles in the market.

Availability of Microlino in the UK

As of May 2023, we know that the Microline will be available in Q4 2023 which means sometime in September to December of 2023. The news of the car was announced in Dec 2022 so there’s quite a bit of anticipation time.

Our Recommendation For Ordering The Microlino UK

While its unfortunate that you may have to wait until Q4 2023 to get your hands on a Microlino, the anticipation is often part of the excitement when it comes to innovative products like this.

In the meantime, you may want to consider taking these steps:

  1. Pre-Order: Check if Micro Mobility is accepting pre-orders for the Microlino. Placing a pre-order can help ensure you’re one of the first to receive the vehicle when it becomes available.
  2. Stay Updated: Sign up for updates from Micro Mobility. This can be through newsletters, email alerts, or by following the company on social media. This way, you’ll receive the latest information about the Microlino’s availability directly.
  3. Plan Your Purchase: While you’re waiting for the Microlino to become available, you can plan out your purchase in more detail. Decide on the customizations you’d like (3 models), figure out where and how you’ll charge your Microlino, and consider how it will fit into your lifestyle.
  4. Research More: Use this time to learn more about the Microlino, electric vehicles, and sustainable living. This could also be a great opportunity to explore other electric vehicle options, although the Microlino’s unique design is hard to beat!

Microlino Dealerships and Retailers in the UK

Right now, you can order direct from the company’s website (link above) in our recommendations. Are they following a model like Tesla that eschews a dealership network? Perhaps with more partnerships, prospective buyers can anticipate the ability to shop online and find their nearest dealership without much difficulty. Although the network of dealerships is expected to grow, early adopters should stay informed to take advantage of upcoming Microlino sales channels.

Models And Pricing For Microlino in the UK Market

As the electric vehicle market continues to thrive, Microlino prices remain competitive – currently stated to be “17’990 EUR” and up. Current pricing structures account for the performance capabilities and unique features that set Microlino apart from other EV options. Here are the 3 models that we found on their website.


Starting at 17’990 EUR, this version is designed with an emphasis on maximum simplicity. It features an urban interior design with matching wheels, a coupe roof, soft-close mechanism, sport mode, dual display, LED lights, and a heater. The expected delivery for this model begins in Q4 of 2023.


This retro-inspired model starts at 19’990 EUR. It features a unique Dolce interior and wheels, Infinity LED light bars, a sunroof, retro colours and chrome accents, a vegan leather steering wheel, soft-close mechanism, sport mode, dual display, and heating. The Dolce is set to be available from Q2 2023.


The modernist’s choice, starting at 21’990 EUR. It boasts an average range of 177 km and comes with a Competizione interior and wheels, matte colors and chrome accents, Infinity LED light bars, a sunroof, a vegan leather steering wheel, soft locking mechanism, sport mode, dual display, and heating. Delivery is also estimated to start in Q2 2023.

Summary Of Microlino Models

ModelStarting PriceKey FeaturesEstimated Delivery
Urban17’990 EURUrban interior, coupe roof, sport mode, LED lightsQ4 2023
Dolce19’990 EURRetro style, Sunroof, Vegan leather steering wheelQ2 2023
Competizione21’990 EUR177 km range, Matte colors, SunroofQ2 2023

Specifications and Unique Features of Microlino Vehicles

Here we give the general specs although for each specific model (see Models) the details will differ.

BrandMicro Mobility
TypeElectric Scooter “Bubble” Car
Top SpeedEquivalent to a Motorcycle
Power11 kW (14.8 hp)
Weight513 kg
Battery TypeLiFePo4 (LFP)
Battery Life1,000 cycles
Range124 miles
Charge Time4 hours (Standard) / 1 hour (Fast charger)
Seating Capacity2 passengers
Trunk Space220 litres
CustomizableYes (Color and possible extras)

UK Government Incentives and Policies for Purchasing Microlino Electric Vehicles

The future of the car economy is shifting to electric along with government financial policies and initiatives

With the government promoting electric vehicle adoption, Microlino buyers can benefit from various incentives and grants. The UK government continues to implement policies and initiatives that emphasize the necessity of electric vehicles in reducing carbon emissions. As a potential Microlino owner, staying informed about these incentives, grants, and policies will only enrich your investment in a sustainable future.

Other Eco-friendly and Sustainable Living Practices

Adopting a Microlino vehicle is just one of many ways to reduce your carbon footprint and embrace sustainable living. Complementary lifestyle choices like using public transport, cycling for short distances and incorporating eco-friendly innovations into daily life will maximize your contribution to carbon reduction.

Conclusion – Microlino UK

As a sustainably-minded individual, considering the purchase of a Microlino electric vehicle is a step towards a greener future. This innovative vehicle offers an opportunity for city-dwellers in the UK to lessen their carbon footprint while experiencing the benefits of electric vehicles. Stay up-to-date with Microlino’s availability, reviews, and government incentives, and join the movement towards eco-friendly transportation today.

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