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Electricity Rates in Sherrelwood, CO

Overview: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electricity Rates For Sherrelwood, CO

Below you will find residential, commercial and industrial electricity rates for Sherrelwood, CO. The rates are given in two parts. The first part is entirely residential, resolved into utility companies that operate in the city. The rates are obtained from and mapped to the city via our database. The second part is residential, commercial and industrial and is presented as an average of the city. The data is obtained from OpenEI, which is derived from a statistical and mathematical modeling effort.

Residential Rates By Utility Company in Sherrelwood, CO

The tables below give estimates of the electricity rates of different utilities serving Sherrelwood, CO. Methodology is explained below the table.

Utility CompanyRate (cents/kWh)Number of Customers
State Average in CO14.67 cents/kWhN/A
Average of Utilities in Sherrelwood, CO13.31 cents/kWhN/A
United Power, Inc13.31 cents/kWh88,500


Methods: We obtained utility information from EIA for every state. We obtained a list of all cities in the USA, which means smaller municipalities like towns are not included. Using a proprietary database of utilities, we generated a list of electricity rates for each city from which we calculated the average rates. Utilities frequently merge, buy out each other, change their name. As a result, there is ambiguity and mistakes in the assignment of utilities to cities. We also obtained the state average electricity rate from

Average Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electricity Rates in Sherrelwood, CO

Additional OpenEI data not available for this location.

Electricity Consumption for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors in Sherrelwood, CO

Electricity Consumption not available for this location.

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