Eco-Friendly Towels: Your Contribution to a Sustainable Future

Introduction – Eco-Friendly Towels

A growing concern for our environment’s health has resulted in a surge of interest in eco-friendly products. One such product category is towels – an everyday essential that can have profound environmental impacts when manufactured in a sustainable way. This article aims to explore all you need to know about eco-friendly towels and how choosing them is not only beneficial for our planet, but also for you.

Eco-friendly towels are defined by material types, manufacturing process, ethical labor practices

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Towels

Choosing eco-friendly towels brings numerous benefits. They offer comfort and durability, often exceeding that of traditional towels. Made from natural materials, they are hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of skin sensitivities.

Beyond personal benefits, eco-friendly towels have an environmental advantage. They are produced with a lower ecological footprint, which means they conserve resources, minimize waste generation, and help control polluting emissions. Additionally, several eco-friendly towel brands support fair trade practices, contributing significantly to social and economic equity.

The Role of Eco-Friendly Towels in Carbon Reduction

Every purchase we make has a carbon footprint, which signifies its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. The production of sustainable towels generates lower emissions than regular ones because their materials are organic or recycled, requiring fewer resources and energy. As a consumer, when you choose eco-friendly products, you align your habits with environmental sustainability and contribute significantly to carbon reduction, one towel at a time.

Understanding Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Materials

But what makes a material eco-friendly or sustainable? Typically, such materials are grown or created without harmful chemicals, using renewable energy, and with a keen focus on conserving water and other natural resources. Organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp are among the popular materials for eco-friendly towels.

Organic hand towels are particularly beneficial, offering skin-friendly comfort and the assurance that you’re not exposing your skin to residual harmful chemicals from traditional towel production.

Types of Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Towels 

The world of eco-friendly towels is diverse and expansive, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences and budgets.

Materials range from 100% organic cotton to unique blends of organic cotton and hemp, with many products proudly bearing the GOTS certification.

Towels span a broad spectrum of cost, from premium-priced luxury collections to more affordable ranges, often with attractive discounts on bundles or sets.

The range of available styles is equally diverse, from plush, spa-quality experiences to lightweight, quick-drying designs. Colors and designs are varied, with options for minimalistic undyed options to vibrant color schemes and distinctive prints.

Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch offers a diverse range of luxurious and eco-friendly towels made from 100% organic cotton. Their Plush Bath Collection includes complete bundles and starter sets, and all products are available in an array of colors to match any decor.

The inclusion of hand towels and washcloths rounds out the collection, catering to all bathroom linen needs. While the pricing is on the premium side, the high-quality materials, sustainable production, and current 20% off discount justify the investment.

Under the Canopy

Under the Canopy offers a vibrant and diverse selection of bath towels, made from GOTS certified organic cotton. The towels, available in Classic, Hemp, Plush, and Textured styles, are noted for their absorbency and the softness that enhances with every wash.

Their use of non-toxic dyes provides an array of color options, from soft whites to deep teals and charcoal grays. The inclusion of cotton and hemp in some styles adds to their sustainable ethos. Pricing ranges widely, allowing for budget flexibility, and quality seems commensurate with cost.


Marimekko offers a vibrant and stylish range of towels with distinctive designs. The Lokki series, characterized by a sea-inspired color scheme, offers plush and quality towels priced between $10 and $52. The more expensive Unikko collection, known for its iconic poppy design, provides varied color options, including dark blue, beige and white, and pink and powder.

For minimalistic preferences, the geometric Tiiliskivi and fun black-and-white Räsymatto collections offer modern and whimsical designs, respectively. The Melooni and discounted Seireeni collections add to the variety with a retro feel and budget-friendly options. Overall, Marimekko’s towels are high-quality statement pieces, ideal for those valuing design aesthetics and ready to care for the unique prints and colors.


Coyuchi offers an eco-friendly and luxurious range of towels crafted with organic materials. Their Cloud Loom™ Organic Towels, with their plush and cloud-like texture, offer a comfortable bathing experience. The Air Weight® Organic Towels, known for their lightweight and absorbent nature, provide a blend of functionality and simplicity.

Coyuchi offers practical bath bundles, like the Temescal and Cloud Loom™ Organic Minimalist Bath Bundles, which consist of two hand towels and two bath towels, and the Air Weight® Organic Bath Set that even includes a bath mat. Offering up to 20% savings on select bundles, Coyuchi delivers an array of sustainable, comfortable, and stylish towels for diverse needs.


Bhumi is an Australian brand that offers an exquisite selection of organic cotton bath products, praised for their superior comfort and eco-friendly design. Their range includes plush bath sheets and towels, available in an array of appealing colors like sage, peacock green, and charcoal.

Bhumi’s bundles, like the Blissful Ritual Bath Sheet Bundle or the Bath Heaven Bath Towel Bundle, offer a comprehensive bath experience, combining hand towels, bath towels, washcloths, and bath mats.


A UK-based company, Greenfibres offers a comprehensive and diverse selection of towels and bathrobes, catering to various needs and preferences. Their products range from organic cotton terry wash cloths, hand towels, shower towels, and bath towels to special items like baby towels with hoods and organic cotton hair wraps.

Each product boasts GOTS certification, underscoring Greenfibres’ commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Though priced at a premium level, the offerings reflect the brand’s dedication to organic, high-quality, and sustainable goods.


Anact presents a unique line of spa-quality, organic towels that embody sustainability and top-tier comfort. Crafted from a blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, these towels offer unique characteristics, such as quick drying and antibacterial properties, ensuring durability and a long-lasting product life.

The selection is quite targeted yet versatile, encompassing bath towel sets, individual bath towels, hand towels (sold in packs of two), and wash towels (also in sets of two). Two natural color choices – undyed and bleached white or undyed and unbleached natural – provide simple yet effective aesthetic options. The pricing is on the higher end, reflecting the quality and eco-friendly nature of the products.

How to Choose & Purchase Eco-Friendly Towels

Certifications are helpful. See our guide here to learn about the differences.

When shopping for eco-friendly towels, several factors should be considered. Look for certifications like “Organic”, “Fair Trade”, “Carbon Neutral”, etc., which indicate the sustainability measures practiced by the brand. Learn to interpret textile labels and research the brand’s commitments toward sustainability. 

Remember, true sustainability considers the entire lifecycle of a product. Therefore, certifications that address each stage can provide a holistic picture of a brand’s commitment to eco-friendliness.


For any towel brand claiming eco-friendliness as part of its brand identity, acquiring recognized environmental certifications can significantly boost consumers’ confidence in the sustainability of their products. Certifications such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) validate that organic materials used are processed sustainably, while OEKO-TEX® certification assures customers that the towels are free from harmful substances.

If a brand uses environmentally friendly materials like hemp, acquiring a certification from a recognized body such as the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) could further add credibility. Being transparent about supply chain operations, production processes, and waste management methods will reinforce the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Conclusion: Contributing to the Environment One Towel at a Time

Choosing eco-friendly towels supports both our environment and those who produce these essentials. By making this choice, you step towards a sustainable lifestyle, contribute to carbon reduction, and encourage fair trade practices. With each eco-friendly towel, you help to make a better, cleaner and fairer world.

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