Save Money by Cutting Food Waste

How much food do you waste each week? It may be costing you more than you think. Welcome to a program to help you turn your food waste into cash. A simple three-week program based on five habits that can stop your wasting food and start saving money. The average European family wastes about four kilos (9 pounds) of edible food each week, plus around 12 euros.

Save money and cut food waste. It’s free, simple and if you get it right quite fun.

In the UK, each home wastes about 4.5 kilos (10 pounds) of edible food each week, costing them about 10 pounds. In America, each home wastes about 12 pounds (5.5 kilos) of edible food each week, costing them 18 US dollars. And in Australia, where I grew up, we waste about 7 kilos of food each week, costing 20 Australian dollars. If you’re interested in saving 10 pounds, 10 euros, or 10 dollars a week, then check out our five habits system.

The program is based on building five habits that when combined have the power to slash your food waste bill. Each habit has a short video.

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I founded Shrink That Footprint in November 2012, after a long period of research. For many years I have calculated, studied and worked with carbon footprints, and Shrink That Footprint is that interest come to life.

I have an Economics degree from UCL, have previously worked as an energy efficiency analyst at BNEF and continue to work as a strategy consultant at Maneas.  I have consulted to numerous clients in energy and finance, as well as the World Economic Forum.

When I’m not crunching carbon footprints you’ll often find me helping my two year old son tend to the tomatoes, salad and peppers growing in our upcycled greenhouse.

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