10 Best Podcasts On Climate Change

Introduction – Podcasts On Climate Change

Climate change is a global issue affecting everyone and is a major environmental challenge. It is caused when greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide, are released into the atmosphere and trap heat from the sun. This causes temperatures to rise worldwide, leading to increased sea levels, more intense storms, droughts, floods, and other extreme weather conditions. There are many podcasts on climate change topics that can help people stay informed and make smarter decisions about their lifestyles. This article will discuss some of the best podcasts on climate change.

best podcasts on climate change

These podcasts often discuss current events related to climate change, scientific research, and strategies for reducing emissions. They also provide tips on how individuals can take action by choosing energy-efficient appliances, driving electric vehicles, eating sustainably grown foods, and more. Furthermore, these podcasts feature interviews with experts dedicated to solving the climate crisis. Listening to these conversations helps people understand the magnitude of the issue and encourages them to get involved in protecting our planet’s future.

10 Best Podcasts On Climate Change

The fight against climate change is urgent — we must all work together to create a better tomorrow by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We can expand our understanding of the issue by listening to podcasts on this topic and taking action. Here are some of the best podcasts about climate change:

1. Hardware to Save a Planet

Hardware to Save a Planet is one of the best podcast series on climate change. While the podcast offers detailed information on many aspects of climate change, it focuses mostly on how hardware can help reverse its effects and preserve the planet. The language in which this podcast is presented makes it accessible to people with different levels of understanding while delivering interesting facts and innovative uses of technology. Each podcast includes interviews with noble figures from around the world, exploring areas such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy systems, green manufacturing, and more. This podcast is produced by the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society and focuses on how technology can help reduce emissions. The show features interviews with experts developing new solutions to the climate crisis.

2. Outrage and Optimism

Outrage and Optimism, hosted by former UNFCCC Secretary General Christiana Figueres, is a podcast that raises awareness about the climate crisis with an optimistic outlook. The series features interviews with people actively making a difference in their communities to fight climate change and renowned experts who discuss their strategies for achieving a sustainable future. With this podcast, listeners can listen to inspiring stories and useful advice on how they, too, can make a positive contribution to the fight against climate change.

3. Climate Cast

Climate Cast is a podcast dedicated to the impact of climate change on the planet. Launched by Minnesota Public Radio in 2018, the podcast explores various topics related to our changing environment and its effects on different aspects of life. Hosted by MPR Chief Meteorologist Paul Huttner and featuring conversations with climate experts, Climate Cast provides an in-depth look at how global warming affects our Earth. Each podcast offers insights into the science behind rising temperatures, extreme weather patterns, melting glaciers, and other changes already being seen worldwide. It examines potential solutions such as renewable energies and sustainable farming practices.

4. The Anthropocene Reviewed

The Anthropocene Reviewed is a podcast hosted by the acclaimed author John Green, in which he reviews the human imprint on Earth’s systems, from global warming to mass extinction to species loss. Each episode dives deep into a different aspect of our planet’s current state, providing listeners with valuable information and stories that inspire hope and action. By listening to this podcast, we can learn more about our environmental crisis and how we can create a better future for ourselves and the generations to come.

Anthropocene Reviewed is a book as well as a podcast series

5. Upstream

Upstream is a leading global oil, gas, and energy news resource dedicated to understanding the consequences of climate change. It provides podcast interviews with renowned industry professionals to discuss pressing environmental issues in an informative and engaging way. Through its podcast series, Upstream brings attention to the most pressing environmental problems and discusses them thoughtfully by providing real-world examples from experienced professionals. The podcast series also helps users develop their knowledge base on the oil and energy sector by connecting listeners with prominent academics and industry experts. By focusing on issues such as climate change, Upstream’s podcast series creates an insightful yet entertaining dialogue that lets its listeners stay informed on some of the most complex topics related to responsible energy use.

6. TIL Climate by MIT

MIT has created a podcast called TIL Climate to break down and explain the science, technologies, and policies shaping our planet’s global climate change. This podcast deeply explores how climate change impacts us, both shared between nations and local communities; what we can do about it with updated methods, technologies, and policies; and how we should think about our changing global landscape. Each podcast also features interviews with experts from diverse backgrounds who bring unique perspectives to the topics discussed. For anyone looking for an engaging podcast that puts together all the pieces of the global climate puzzle, this podcast is sure to deliver!

7. Reversing Climate Change

Reversing Climate Change podcast is an inspiring and informative podcast dedicated to discussing everything from the people, technologies, and organizations instrumental in reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to reverse climate change. Every episode dives into these topics with clarity, giving listeners an inspiring and educational exploration of how efforts are being made in this important fight. With interviews featuring experts in various fields, viewers get a unique insight into this global effort gathering momentum. An ever-growing community of people engaged in the podcast listens in to enjoy engaging conversations on fresh ideas that can spread awareness of what’s working, debunk outdated misconceptions, and make sure lives around the world are improved – all while reversing climate change.

8. What On Earth

What on Earth is a podcast about the science and stories behind the climate crisis. It takes an in-depth look at how human actions have shaped global warming and why it matters to everyone. Through interviews with researchers, journalists, and activists, host Christiane Amanpour delves into the most pressing questions of our time: How can we reduce emissions? What will be affected as temperatures rise? Will air quality improve? Each episode draws attention to the nuance of current events that drive home just how much humanity’s decisions affect our planet for better or worse. With its compelling storytelling and thought-provoking discussions, What on Earth provides listeners with essential information about climate change in an entertaining format.

9. Climate One

Climate One is a podcast dedicated to breaking down the seemingly overwhelming challenge of climate change. Host Greg Dalton brings together experts and influencers from many disciplines, including business, entertainment, activism, and science, to examine the impact of our changing climate on all aspects of life. Through these conversations, listeners gain an understanding of current events as they relate to climate initiatives while recognizing multiple approaches to setting us on a truer path toward sustainability. From energy production and output to global land use and conservation efforts, Climate One encourages active participation in realizing tangible solutions to our planet’s most pressing issues.

10. Mothers of Invention

First launched in 2020, Mothers of Invention is an engaging podcast where former Irish President Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins sit down to discuss creative solutions to the climate crisis. This podcast features inspiring activists and leading lights from around the world. Each episode focuses on how individuals can take action in fields like politics, food, energy, and justice. If you’re looking for real-world resources on how to make a difference, this podcast has it all! It provides context on groundbreaking research in environmental science and offers practical tips like how governments can run more efficiently. With its fresh approach to important global topics, Mothers of Invention certainly stands out among other podcasts tackling climate change.


In conclusion, this list of podcasts offers a thoughtful and comprehensive exploration of the science, stories, and solutions behind combating climate change. Whether you’re just starting your journey of learning about the environment or have been interested for many years, these podcasts offer something for everyone. With their engaging conversations, inspiring interviews, and helpful resources, listeners can better understand how to tackle climate change from multiple angles. Through education, we can all be part of the solution!

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