Take Your Bike To a New Place

Einstein thought of his theory of relativity while riding his bike. If it’s good enough for him, this is day 8 as a 30-day shrink. Hey, this is limited shrink that footprint. And today, I’m going to take my bike somewhere new. But first up, I just want to point out why cycling is such a climate-friendly way to travel. Some forms of transportation have very high carbon intensity, like business travel, flight, and big cars. Then you’ve got more regular cars at an average fuel economy. And then much more efficient cars, electric cars, and hybrid cars. And then transit. And finally, at the bottom, cycling. This is my dad’s bike. It weighs 23 kilos. It’s like three speeds. I’ve had it for 12 years. It could still be 30 years old. And I reckon it must have done tens of thousands of miles. And it’s still going. I think I’m starting to realize why my dad never took it up a hill.

Lindsay Wilson
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I founded Shrink That Footprint in November 2012, after a long period of research. For many years I have calculated, studied and worked with carbon footprints, and Shrink That Footprint is that interest come to life.

I have an Economics degree from UCL, have previously worked as an energy efficiency analyst at BNEF and continue to work as a strategy consultant at Maneas.  I have consulted to numerous clients in energy and finance, as well as the World Economic Forum.

When I’m not crunching carbon footprints you’ll often find me helping my two year old son tend to the tomatoes, salad and peppers growing in our upcycled greenhouse.

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