Getting Started With Shrink


Hey, I’m Lindsay.  Welcome to Shrink!!!

This website is a resource that helps people improve their climate impact.

Why Shrink?  Let me try to explain with my son’s lego.

I grew up in Australia.  I love the ocean, I love animals and I love my kids.

They are the main reasons I’m concerned about climate change.

I started Shrink to help people improve their climate impact.  I’ve done this type of work in the corporate word, but was always annoyed by the lack of good resources for normal people who want to understand and reduce their carbon footprint.

What strategies does Shrink research

The carbon footprint reduction tips I’m most interested in are things that normal people can do.  These are ideas that work just as well for a student, as for a young families as for someone that has just retired.

In my experience such strategies are easy to do, cheap to implement and fit in well with day to day life. Our free eBook ‘Emit This’ is a great summary of 13 simple ways to put a big dent in your carbon footprint with minimal effort.

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Where to begin?

Please read whatever interests you!!

Thanks so much for dropping by, and don’t forget to grab a free copy of our eBook.