The Best Eco Friendly Dog Beds: Top 7

Introduction – Eco Friendly Dog Beds

Reducing a carbon footprint and taking care of the environment extends to your pets too. Looking for eco friendly dog beds? In this post, we will discuss the top seven eco-friendly dog beds on the market. These beds are made of sustainable materials and are eco-friendly in every way possible. If you’re looking for a bed that is good for both your pet and the environment, then these are the beds for you!

Sustainable materials are the major reason why the dog beds featured here are called “eco-friendly”

Have you ever thought about how your dog’s bed impacts the environment? Or considered that there might be a more sustainable option out there for man’s best friend? Well, it turns out that eco-friendly dog beds are a thing – and they’re becoming increasingly popular among pet parents who are looking for ways to reduce their pawprints.

Essential Elements of Eco Friendly Dog Beds

There are two ways in which a dog bed can be eco-friendly. The first way to be eco friendly is to be sustainable in the energy sense. The more energy required, the greater the carbon emissions cost, and the greater the impact on the warming of the planet.

Low energy fabrics like linen have half the emissions of moderate energy fabrics like cotton and nylon. The second way to be eco friendly is in the chemical sense. That is, the dog bed has few additive or component chemicals which have the potential to harm the dog.

It is also important that the upfront energy cost of the dog bed is taken into account. A low upfront cost but short-lived product means it goes into the trash faster where it then begins decomposition and the start of its emissions lifespan.

Ideally an eco-friendly dog bed is long-lived and durable, so you won’t have to replace them as often – to reduce environmental impact. Dog beds typically last anywhere from 1 to 5 years, depending on their quality and how often they are used. Higher-quality beds may last longer than 5 years, while cheaper beds may not last for more than a year.

eco friendly dog beds

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your furry friend’s bedtime routine a little bit greener, an eco-friendly dog bed may be the perfect solution. There are also eco friendly dog toys and eco friendly poop bags.

Not only will you feel good about reducing your carbon pawprint, but your four-legged friend will love snuggling up in a cozy bed that’s earth-friendly too.

5 Benefits of Eco Friendly Dog Beds

More and more pet parents are looking for eco friendly dog beds that are good for the environment, their pets, and their wallets. Here are 5 benefits of choosing this dog bed:

1. Sustainable materials: These materials ideally should be sustainable in the sense of lower energy inputs required for the harvesting, processing, and transformation into the final product. For example, linen has a lower manufacturing energy than rayon which in turn has a lower manufacturing energy than cotton.

2. Allergy-free: Many eco-friendly dog beds are without pesticides and plant or animal material that induces allergies, making them a great option for pups with allergies.

3. Durable: Eco-friendly dog beds are built to last with sturdy construction and high-quality materials. This means you won’t have to replace your pup’s bed as often, saving you money in the long run.

4. Breathable: Eco-friendly materials like bamboo and wool are highly breathable, keeping your pup cool in summer and warm in winter.

5. Stylish: Eco-friendly dog beds come in a variety of stylish designs that will fit seamlessly into your home d├ęcor.

Top 7 Best Eco Friendly Dog Beds

eco friendly dog beds

1. Molly Mutt Sheepy Wool Filled Bed

You can use this if you don’t have any extra clothes or blankets for your pet, or if you prefer a bed that you can plug in and play.

Older dogs may benefit from the lumbar support cushion in this bed (and cats too). Additionally, wool stuffing can assist to keep your dog warm and cozy, which can be beneficial to those with aches and pains, such as those arthritis or other joint issues.

In addition, this bed’s stuffing is devoid of chemicals and is anti-microbial. It doesn’t retain odors as much as other beds, and it’s a lot more environmentally friendly than most.

2. Molly Mutt Dog Bed Cover

However, this is not created from any recycled materials in its own right. Because it has a design to be filled with old clothing, we consider it environmentally beneficial.

This bed is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, from 20-inch round variants to 45-inch long and 36-inch wide rectangular models.

These bed covers are made of 100% cotton and have a zipper and gusseted hem for further security. It’s even pre-shrunk, so your clothes will fit perfectly.

3. The Round Greener Pup Bed

This mattress is among the most eco-friendly on the market today. There are no poisonous or allergic fillings used in any of their beds.

To make one pound of filling, around 10 plastic bottles are used, equating to 70 to 120 bottles per bed. This bed is available in four different sizes: small, medium, big, and king-sized.

In addition to the bed itself, you’ll receive a removable, machine-washable cover when you buy this model. Among the many patterns and fabrics they provide, we particularly enjoyed their giraffe, zebra, and turtle prints!

4. NutroPet Natural Orthopedic Bed

Wool, natural coconut coir fiber, and cotton are all part of this bed’s natural and organic construction. There are no recycled components in this product, however, the materials are sustainable and environmentally beneficial.

As an added benefit, the bed is incredibly permeable, which is especially beneficial for senior dogs who are more likely to spend extended periods in one area.

As a bonus, this mattress was made to last. In addition to being extremely long-lasting thanks to a combination of fibers used, the outer cover also provides moisture, scratch, and sun protection. According to the manufacturer, this bed is “nearly impenetrable.”

5. West Paw Heyday Dog Bed

To ensure your dog’s comfort, this dog bed has a double-stuffed foundation that can be machine-washed and removed.

Three colors are available, and the price of this eco-friendly bed is lower than many of the others on the market.

To become a registered B Corporation, the organization underwent an extensive certification process to demonstrate its commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

6. West Paw Design Montana Nap

The Intelliloft fiber used in the construction of this ultra-lightweight dog bed is derived from recycled plastic bottles. However, despite its thinness, this bed is comfortable enough for a restful night’s sleep.

You can use this bed as a substitute for your dog’s usual sleeping spot if he prefers to sleep on the floor.

The entire mat can be washed in a cold machine. The cover doesn’t need to be removed at all. It’s quite simple to just dump the entire thing in there.

7. Pet Support Systems Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

There is a machine washable and removable soft cover on this bed but there is no removable and machine washable filling, which is relatively standard for dog beds.

The cover and filling, on the other hand, are free of allergens and hypoallergenic for those who are sensitive to them. It has anti-microbial properties as well as the ability to fight the growth of dust mites.

To be considered environmentally friendly, this bed does not include any hazardous chemicals. A wide range of sizes is available from the manufacturer to provide the optimum fit for your pet.


Eco-friendly dog beds are a great option for pet parents who want to do their part to protect the environment. In addition to being good for the environment, eco-friendly dog beds are also incredibly comfortable and durable, so you can rest assured that your dog will love snuggling up in one of these beds just as much as you love knowing that you’re doing your part to help the planet.

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