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Electricity Rates in Mount Prospect, IL

Overview: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electricity Rates For Mount Prospect, IL

Below you will find residential, commercial and industrial electricity rates for Mount Prospect, IL. The rates are given in two parts. The first part is entirely residential, resolved into utility companies that operate in the city. The rates are obtained from and mapped to the city via our database. The second part is residential, commercial and industrial and is presented as an average of the city. The data is obtained from OpenEI, which is derived from a statistical and mathematical modeling effort.

Residential Rates By Utility Company in Mount Prospect, IL

No data found.

Average Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electricity Rates in Mount Prospect, IL

The table below give estimates of electricity rates for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Methodology is explained below the table.

Sector Rate (Dollars per kWh) Number of Customers
Residential 0.1253 20,632
Commercial 0.0873 1,521
Industrial 0.0651 N/A

This additional rate data is sourced from the Open Energy Information (OpenEI) database, which is a comprehensive resource of market data and analysis compiled from various public sources. The data presented here reflects the most recent information available and is subject to updates as new data becomes available. Our methodology involves harmonizing OpenEI data with our proprietary database to provide up-to-date and relevant information for each city.

Electricity Consumption for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors in Mount Prospect, IL

Electricity Consumption not available for this location.

This page was last updated on: July 23, 2024

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