25. Recycle some waste: The recycling facts behind why we should recycle

Most of us do our bit to recycle.  But do you know why we should recycle?  I’m guessing you do, but in this video I stick a few bits of carbon data to the issue.


1: Introducing the Shrink

2: Eat plants for a day
3: Shuffle your food
4: Start a vegetable garden
5: Build a compost heap
6: Make a seasonal meal 

7: Take a purposeless walk
8: Cycle somewhere new
9: Let someone else drive
10: Improve your fuel economy
11: Research your motor
12: Plan a flightless holiday

13: Turn off your gadgets
14: Change a light bulb
15: Seal an air leak 
16: Control your heating
17: Control your cooling
18: Research your intensity
19: Research solar power
20: Save some water

21: Declutter a room
22: Upcycle some junk
23: Choose a used product
24: Invest in good design
25: Recycle some waste

26: Pay a person
27: Buy a quality offset
28: Plant a tree that sucks
29: Plant flowers for bees 
30: Support broader change 

  • Randy

    I try to reduce first (always the best!) but recycling is very important. So I try to make sure whatever I get is recyclable too. I stopped purchasing some food products in the US because of all the nonrecyclable plastics (the type I hate most is #6, PS).

    The problem is, I have found it much harder to recycle in Warsaw. Many of the train stations have small bins, which I could easily put the small amount of waste I produce in, but I found out that (at least the local one) may be just dumped into the regular trash bins (it at least happened once). Maybe it is because people throw trash and cigarette butts in them. Its hardly different than the trash bins. I have no idea where large bins are. Karolina, who I live with, used to recycle (she has a large collection of paper saved up to take in). She told me that there were bins at her school, but they were removed and she doesn’t know where to take the paper. I find this so odd, I used to live in a very, err, redneck area, yet recycling was easy. There were recycling bins at most of the public schools and at the local Walmart (which I avoided like the plague). Recycling in the largest city in Poland is harder? How is this possible?

    I just remembered that I have a bag of CFLs, electronics, water filters, and batteries in a closet in the US. I had to take those things to Columbus to recycle and I meant to take them when I was in the area. I guess it’ll stay there awhile.

    • Randy

      Oh, I forgot to mention. Your video reminded me of another thing. In the US, I would just throw my banana peals or other food wastes into the yard. Can’t really do that here. One thing I love about banana is that they come in nice, biodegradable packages, but now I can’t dispose of that properly! :(