Emit This: 13 Strategies for Squeezing More Life out of Less Carbon

Do you want to tackle climate change?

But don’t know where to start?

Then ‘Emit This’ is for you. It details 13 practical strategies to squeeze more life out of less carbon.

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Squeezing more life from less carbon

Climate change is such a huge problem that most of us don’t know where to start tackling it.  There are international negotiations, national emissions targets, industry policies and companies looking at technologies to cut emissions.  But while these things are essential, we often forget people.

Climate change is being caused by people. Personal consumption pays for two thirds of greenhouse gas emissions. And we have the power to drastically reduce those emissions if we choose to.

In ‘Emit This’ we detail 13 strategies for squeezing more life out of less carbon.  These include:

  1. Why what you eat matters?
  2. Which transport is the greenest?
  3. Making the most of your heating
  4. If paying people helps?
  5. How to tackle electricity footprints?
  6. The value of offsetting
  7. The importance of perspective

In Emit This we also crunch the data to show how your carbon footprint fits into the global carbon budget, and what it will take to stabilize the climate. Get your free copy today by signing up to our weekly newsletter: