19. Research solar panels: Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

This video is to help anyone considering going solar make better decisions.  Solar is a big investment so you want to make sure you get it right by having good information about location, orientation, payback, panels and inverters. We go through the facts you need to see if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for you.


1: Introducing the Shrink

2: Eat plants for a day
3: Shuffle your food
4: Start a vegetable garden
5: Build a compost heap
6: Make a seasonal meal 

7: Take a purposeless walk
8: Cycle somewhere new
9: Let someone else drive
10: Improve your fuel economy
11: Research your motor
12: Plan a flightless holiday

13: Turn off your gadgets
14: Change a light bulb
15: Seal an air leak 
16: Control your heating
17: Control your cooling
18: Research your intensity
19: Research solar power
20: Save some water

21: Declutter a room
22: Upcycle some junk
23: Choose a used product
24: Invest in good design
25: Recycle some waste

26: Pay a person
27: Buy a quality offset
28: Plant a tree that sucks
29: Plant flowers for bees 
30: Support broader change 

30 Day Shrink Guide
  • Matt Binns

    Great video, some very useful information.

    • Lindsay Wilson

      Thanks, it was a little longer than I’d hoped but I struggled to cut stuff out. It’s such a good investment so often that I always think it is a shame when people oversell with unrealistic promises

  • Bullfrog

    Still way too expensive. My quote came in at $80K before subsidies That’s for a 10kW system that would supply about about 50-75% of my home’s power. I’ll wait another 5 years and check prices again.

  • Richard Ilaner

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