VW ID3 Software Update

Introduction – New Features And Improved Range

VW id3 series EVs are now getting a software update that improves range and charging speed while adding new safety features. VW id3 software update was most awaited to improve the range anxiety among the users. It’s a free update for all id3 owners, and you can do it either through VW’s website or at a VW dealer.

The update includes a new mode that allows the car to charge faster at higher voltages, which is particularly useful for those with fast-charging stations. It also includes a new feature that automatically starts charging when the car is connected to a power source, eliminating the need to manually start the charging process.

vw id3 software update

In addition, the update adds new safety features such as lane-keeping assistance and automatic high-beam headlights. VW says the update will improve the id3’s range by up to 10%, a significant increase for an electric car. Overall, the software update is a welcome improvement for VW id3 owners, and it should help to make the car even more popular. Automated, remote software updates are expected for the newer Volkswagen’s ID.5 coupe electric vehicle.

What’s New With The VW Id3 Update?

Volkswagen has announced a software update for its id3 electric car. The new software, dubbed “Generation 3.0”, promises to improve range, charge times, and navigation. VW says the update will be available for download from its website later this year. It’s unclear exactly when the update will be available, but VW says it will be “soon.”

The new software is based on the latest version of VW’s MIB infotainment system, which is used in the VW Golf and other VW models. VW says the update will improve the id3’s range by up to 18%, charge times by up to 40%, and navigation by up to 30%. VW has also announced a new “id3 Connect” app, allowing owners to remotely control their cars using their smartphones. The app will be available for iPhone and Android devices.

VW says the new software update and app are part of its “digital ecosystem” for electric cars. VW’s digital ecosystem includes its “WeConnect” infotainment system, “Car-Net” connected car service, and “my Volkswagen” smartphone app. VW says the ecosystem will allow owners to remotely control their cars, check charging status, find charging stations, and schedule service appointments.

Park Assist Plus with Memory Function

VW’s latest software update for the id3 includes a new feature called Park Assist Plus with Memory Function. This system uses sensors to automatically guide the car into a parking space and can even remember the location of previously parked cars. The system is activated by pressing a button on the center console and will first scan for an available parking space.

If one is found, the car will automatically steer into the space while the driver controls the accelerator and brake. Once parked, the car will remember the location using GPS, making it easy to find your way back to your car later. This feature is a valuable addition for id3 owners, making parking easier and less stressful.

Display Updates And Optimized Voice Control

The new software provides a better display of information and optimized voice control. The main aim is to reduce the number of buttons on the control panel. It will roll out the new software in early 2020 VW id3 models. It will have a better display of information and optimized voice control. This VW id3 software update provides a more convenient way to access important functions while reducing the number of buttons on the control panel.

By updating the VW id3’s infotainment system, Volkswagen is making it easier and more intuitive for customers to use its functions while on the go. The new system includes a central touchscreen that you can operate with gestures and VW’s Car-Net remote service that gives owners the ability to check vehicle status and perform certain functions remotely using a smartphone app.

In addition, there is an updated voice-control system that you can use to activate VW id3 functions without taking your hands off the wheel. The new VW id3 software update will make it even easier to stay connected and in control while on the road.

Charging Improvements

VW has announced a software update for the id3 electric car to improve its charging times. The software update will enable the id3 to charge up to 135kW, up from the 125kW it was previously able to charge. VW says that the update will reduce the time it takes to charge the id3 from 0-80% from 40 minutes to 30 minutes.

The software update will be free for all customers who have already bought an id3, and VW says it will be available “in the coming weeks”. VW has also announced a new rapid-charging card that will give customers access to rapid chargers across Europe. The card will cost €79 per year, and VW says it will give customers “unlimited” access to rapid chargers. VW says the card will be available “in the coming months.”

How To Install The VW Id3 Update? 

The VW id3 is a ground-breaking car, and one of its most innovative features is its easy-to-update software. Installing the latest VW id3 update is simple and only takes a few minutes via something called “Over-the-air Update”.

The implications of these features for Volkswagen’s “Over the air update” are that it will allow for a more convenient and efficient way for customers to keep their vehicles up-to-date and running optimally. This will also help to ensure that any new features or functions that Volkswagen releases in the future can be implemented quickly and easily, without the customer needing to take the vehicle in for a service appointment. Furthermore, it will also help Volkswagen to ensure that any potential security vulnerabilities are patched in a timely manner, allowing customers to have peace of mind that their vehicles are secure.

Here’s how to do it:

First, make sure your VW id3 is connected to Wi-Fi. The car must download the update, so a strong and reliable connection is essential.

Next, open the VW Connect app on your smartphone. If you don’t have the app, you can download it free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once the VW Connect app is open, select “Software Update” from the main menu; on the next screen, you’ll see a list of available updates for your VW id3. Select the latest update and tap “Install.”

The VW id3 will now begin downloading the update. This may take several minutes, so be patient. Once the download is complete, the VW id3 will install the update automatically. That’s it! Your VW id3 is now up-to-date with the latest software.

How Do I Find My VW Software Version?

VW id3 software updates are released periodically to improve the performance and safety of your vehicle. To find out which software version is installed in your car, you will need to access the control unit in the infotainment system. Select the “Info” tab on the main menu, then scroll down to “Vehicle Settings.”

You can view the current software version under the “Software” heading. If a new update is available, it will be listed here. To install the update, simply follow the on-screen instructions. Once the process is complete, you should see the new software version number reflected in this menu. With VW id3 software updates, it’s easy to keep your car running at its best.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the VW id3 software update is easy to install and only takes a few minutes. The update will improve your car’s charging times and give you access to rapid chargers across Europe. With the VW id3 software update, it’s easy to keep your car running at its best.

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