7 Vegan Leather Brands That Are Organic & Fashionable

Introduction – Vegan Leather

Vegan leather means no animals were used in the production process. Therefore, vegan leather is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. It also generally comes at a lower price than traditional leather, making it an attractive option for those on a budget or who want to be ethically conscious. Many vegan leather brands now produce high-quality and stylish leather alternatives. 

These vegan materials are usually made from synthetic polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane, or other plant-based materials like cork, Piñatex, or apple peels. Regardless of the material used, vegan leather is a fantastic way to look great while being animal-friendly and eco-conscious. Plus, most vegan leathers are much easier to clean and maintain than traditional leather goods. 

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7 Vegan Leather Brands

Veganism is getting so much attention, and many brands are joining the movement by creating beautiful vegan leather items. Here’s our list of 7 top vegan leather brands you should check out:

1. Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat, founded in 1995 and based in Montreal, is certainly one of the biggest vegan leather brands in the world. They design and create modern vegan handbags using vegan leather and other vegan-approved materials, such as cork and rubber. In line with their vegan principles, all their vegan handbags are cruelty-free, and the lining is always made of 100 percent recycled bottles.

Not only do they prioritize sustainability by using recycled materials for their designs, but Matt & Nat also place importance on ethical production, with all products being responsibly sourced from various parts of the globe. The vegan leather products they offer come in many styles, including totes, satchels, backpacks, crossbody bags, and wallet purses. Whether you’re looking for a small clutch to attend a night out or just need a nicely priced vegan shoe to pair with your outfit – Matt & Nat has something for everyone to choose from!

2. Angela Roi

Angela Roi stands out from the vegan leather fashion world through her commitment to ethically combining luxury and a vegan lifestyle. All of their vegan leather materials are vegan-certified and responsibly manufactured without harm to animals, making them a preferred vegan leather brand for conscious customers. They offer a price range from $55–$265, so you can find different styles and sizes to fit your budget.

Angela Roi is a brand that stands out. They offer stunning vegan leather products like crossbody bags, wallets, and statement clutches of premium quality, and they are also devoted to environmental sustainability – their shipping materials are totally plastic-free! Additionally, Angela Roi ensures that all of their factories offer living wages and safe working conditions for their employees, making it one of the top vegan leather brands in the industry.

3. Will’s Vegan Shoes

Will’s Vegan Shoes offers stylish and comfortable shoes for men and women, free from animal products or byproducts. They use plant-based materials like cotton or microfiber – along with other innovative fabrics like a cork – in their designs instead of the traditional animal-derived leather. All their products are ethically produced in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, emphasizing sustainability.

Will’s Vegan Shoes offers a wide variety of shoes, including boots, sneakers, and dress shoes. Their prices range from $56 to $195, depending on your chosen style. Some collections also feature recycled materials in their construction, like PET bottles or fish nets from the ocean. Thanks to Will’s Vegan Shoes, you can now look fashionable without compromising your vegan lifestyle!

4. Gunas

Gunas is a vegan leather brand that offers a luxury range of affordable, sustainable vegan handbags and accessories. Their modern collection comes in chic and timeless styles, with price points ranging from $125–$295, making them accessible to almost any budget. In addition, each item creates minimal impact on the environment due to its vegan construction.

A Gunas purchase supports vegan-activists-backed initiatives partnering with causes like animal rescue projects, land preservation efforts, and minimal-waste production practices. So whether you’re a vegan looking for cruelty-free fashion staple pieces or want to make sustainable fashion choices, Gunas provides the perfect opportunity to do so stylishly yet conscientiously.

5. Melie Bianco

Melie Bianco is a vegan leather brand with a wide variety of bags, wallets, and purses. Its stylish vegan leather options come in a range of price points—from wallets as low as $45 to purses as high as $150. The vegan leather that Melie Bianco uses is called polyurethane, or PU leather. It involves synthetic fibers being bonded together to form vegan leather material, which looks and feels like real leather – the only difference being that no animal was harmed in its production.

This vegan-friendly material is also durable and has been around for decades; however, it still requires care just like real leather, making it essential to take extra steps to protect and care for your vegan products properly. Through its exceptional vegan leather designs, Melie Bianco continues to make vegan-friendly accessories attractive, fashionable, and highly accessible – allowing everyone to enjoy the chic look of real leather accessories without guilt.

6. Ethique212

Ethique212 is a vegan leather brand based in New York City. They create stylish and high-quality handbags, wallets, and backpacks that are all made of 100 percent animal-free materials. All of their bags are designed to be resilient, lightweight, and waterproof, thanks to the use of fine vegan leather.

Ethique212’s products range from $90–$380 and depending on how often you wear your bag, and it should last anywhere from two to five years. As they strive to make sure their production process remains ethical and sustainable with no harm to animals or people – Ethique212 has become one of the most trusted vegan leather brands in the industry – making it an ideal option for anyone looking for fashionable and long-lasting vegan leather products.

7. Vaute Couture

Vaute Couture is the world’s first vegan winter coat company, offering stylish outerwear free from animal materials or byproducts. Their coats are made with recycled, sustainable, and ethically produced fabrics – making them a preferred vegan brand in the industry. As such, Vaute Couture can proudly say that no animals were harmed during their production process!

The collection consists of timeless designs with price points ranging from $180 to $580 depending on your style, guaranteeing something to fit every budget. Whether looking for a stylish winter jacket for everyday use or a special occasion, Vaute Couture has you covered with its wide range of vegan leather coats.

Wrapping Up

Vegan leather is becoming a popular alternative to traditional animal-based leather, and many brands are responding by creating stylish and ethically produced products from plant-based materials. Whether you’re looking for handbags, wallets, shoes, or even winter jackets – there are now plenty of vegan leather options available so that everyone can look great while being kind to animals and the environment. From Matt & Nat to Vaute Couture – this list of 7 vegan leather brands should make it much easier for anyone looking for sustainable and cruelty-free fashion items!

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