Turn Child’s Play Into A Gain: Disposing, Selling, Donating And Repurposing Old Toys

Introduction – What To Do With Old Toys

Feeling overwhelmed by heaps of toys your little ones no longer play with? We provide a hands-on guide on how to handle old toys including, selling using reliable platforms, donating to charitable organizations, creative repurposing, responsible recycling, and discussing how each method contributes to environmental preservation.

Holiday season is when gift giving and toys are on many people’s minds

1. Dispose of Old Toys

Disposing toys isn’t as easy as tossing them in the trash. Many are made of plastics which are not biodegradable, and ends up in our landfills, contributing to pollution. A leading company like TerraCycle offers a viable eco-friendly solution through their Zero Waste Box, tailor-made for toy disposal.

TerraCycle – Dispose. of Old Toys

  • Website: TerraCycle Zero Waste Box
  • Type of Toys Handled: Various non-biodegradable toys, including plastics
  • Method of Transfer/Interaction: Purchase and use of a Zero Waste Box for toy disposal. The process involves ordering the box, filling it with toys, and then shipping it back using a prepaid label.

2. Resell Old Toys

The internet has brought the marketplace to our fingertips. Trusted platforms like eBay offer an ideal avenue for earning a few bucks from the old, unused toys lying around your house. Remember to comply with online safety, avoid divulging personal information, always ensure you’re fully paid before shipping, and be clear about product conditions to potential buyers.

eBay – Resell Old Toys

As one of the pioneers of online marketplaces, eBay is synonymous with reliability, which is why it’s such a popular platform for selling old toys. From the simplified product listing process to a secure payment system and a robust buyer-seller protection mechanism, eBay ensures a smooth, hassle-free selling experience. Their international buyer base expands your market reach, increasing the likelihood of getting a good price for used toys.

  • Website: Selling on eBay
  • Type of Toys Handled: Various, including new or used toys
  • Method of Transfer/Interaction: Online listing for sale. Sellers can list items, set prices, and choose shipping options. eBay offers seller protection and tools for inventory management and brand building.

3. Donate Old Toys

Charitable organizations such as The Salvation Army or Goodwill offer a chance for your old toys to bring delight to less fortunate children.

The Salvation Army – Donate Old Toys

The Salvation Army is a time-tested organization and the destination of choice for many who wish to donate old toys. They ensure your toys are safely and responsibly used in their new homes. Whether you’re walking into one of their numerous drop-off centres or scheduling a convenient home pickup, the donation process is intuitive and uncomplicated.

  • Website: Ways to Give – The Salvation Army USA
  • Type of Toys Handled: Various types, preferably in good condition for donation
  • Method of Transfer/Interaction: Toys can be donated at drop-off centers or through scheduled home pickups. The Salvation Army ensures that donated toys are safely and responsibly used in their new homes.

GoodWill – Donate Old Toys

Goodwill is known for accepting various types of donations, including toys, to support their mission of employment training and job placement

  • Website: Donate Stuff – Goodwill Industries International
  • Type of Toys Handled: Various, mainly gently used items in good condition
  • Method of Transfer/Interaction: Donations are accepted at Goodwill donation centers. Goodwill sells these items in stores and online, generating revenue to provide employment training and job placement services.

4. Repurpose Old Toys

Creativity for Kids offers kits that can aid in transforming old toys into intriguing DIY art projects.

Creativity for Kids – Repurpose Old Toys

Beyond the traditional methods of disposing toys, Creativity for Kids Kits breathe new life into old toys. The process of transforming old toys through their kit is not just inventive but also a fun-filled, educational experience for children. They excel in customer service, always ready to help users overcome any challenges, making the entire experience uniquely engaging.

  • Website: Creativity for Kids – Crafts & Activities for Kids – Faber-Castell USA
  • Type of Toys Handled: Various creative and craft-based activities, including fashion, jewelry, paper & memory crafts, light-up crafts, room décor, preschool crafts, sensory crafts, GROW gardening crafts, and holiday crafts.
  • Method of Transfer/Interaction: Purchase of craft kits for repurposing old toys into creative projects. The kits offer a range of activities to engage children in creative experiences that nurture their confidence.

5. Recycle Old Toys

Hasbro’s pioneering recycling initiative ensures your toys get a new lease of life in the form of park benches, flower pots, and more.

Hasbro – Recycle Old Toys

Hasbro has taken a commendable environmental stance with its recycling program. The program allows you to recycle any brand of toys, not just Hasbro’s own, making this initiative universally relevant. The process is simple and direct: pack and ship your old toys to them, and they will ensure they’re recycled into useful products.

  • Website: Hasbro Toy Recycling Program
  • Type of Toys Handled: All Hasbro toys and games
  • Method of Transfer/Interaction: Recycling through TerraCycle. Participants need to select their Hasbro toys and games, package them, print a free shipping label from TerraCycle, and then drop off the package for shipping.

Carbon Reduction and Sustainability

Each of these methods—disposal, selling, donating, or recycling—leads to a reduction in carbon emissions. When old toys are managed responsibly, we’re not only keeping our homes clutter-free, but also contributing to the overall well-being of our planet.

Conclusion – What To Do With Old Toys

Every choice we make in dealing with old toys has a significant role in the environmental conservation narrative. These methods are a perfect way to demonstrate and teach our offspring about the need for sustainability, and how each small act brings us closer to the greater goal—a sustainable, waste-free planet.

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