Top 7 Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaners

Introduction – Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner

If you’re like me, you probably cringe when you buy glass cleaners. That’s because they’re filled with chemicals that can harm your health and the environment. According to a peer-reviewed scientific study of window cleaning solutions, the most common ingredients included ammonia. Other less harmful chemicals were surfactants (also known as soaps) and ethanol (drinking alcohol). In this article, we’ll consider what it takes to make a good eco-friendly glass cleaner that will not only leave your windows squeaky clean but also safe for your family’s sakes.

Top 7 Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaners

The ones that we introduce below are the following: Zep Streak-Free Glass Cleaner, Windex Vinegar Multi-Surface Cleaner, Seventh Generation Glass + Surface Cleaner, Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner, Method Glass + Surface Cleaner, Mrs. Meyer’s Window Spray, Martha Stewart Glass Cleaner Concentrate.

Finally we suggest a zero-waste solution that avoids buying a plastic bottle and more chemicals.

Zep Streak-Free Glass Cleaner

Zep Streak-Free Glass Cleaner is a great value for money. It’s non-acidic and ammonia-free, so it won’t harm your glass surfaces. It can be used on windows and mirrors as well as any other glass surface in the home. According to users, it leaves no streaks or smears behind after use.

Windex Vinegar Multi-Surface Cleaner

Windex’s Vinegar Multi-Surface Cleaner is just like your regular Windex but without the harsh chemicals. It comes in a spray bottle and leaves no residue on any surface you clean, meaning it doesn’t have to be rinsed off. The vinegar odor dissipates in 10 minutes or less as well, which makes it perfect for using around pets or kids.

Seventh Generation Glass + Surface Cleaner

The Seventh Generation Glass + Surface Cleaner is safe for people, pets and the planet. It’s free of harsh chemicals, dyes and fragrances and it contains no petroleum or petroleum distillates. The cleaner also doesn’t contain animal testing. It’s made in the USA, which means that you can trust that it’s made to high standards—just like all Seventh Generation products are. For a glass cleaner that’s safe for you to use around your home, this is one of our top choices.

Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

The Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner is a great choice for those looking for a non-toxic, biodegradable, and vegan glass cleaner. It’s made with all natural ingredients like plant extracts, essential oils, and water (and it’s safe for use on all surfaces). This cleaner contains no dyes or fragrances—just pure and simple ingredients that get the job done.

The Better Life All Purpose Cleaner is also free of phthalates which are found in many household cleaning products. Phthalates are chemicals added to plastics to make them more flexible and durable but they can harm our health if ingested over time or absorbed through the skin as well as creating hormone imbalances when used in personal care products such as perfume oils which contain phthalates among others

Method Glass + Surface Cleaner

Method Glass + Surface Cleaner is one of the best eco-friendly cleaners you can find in stores. It’s a unique combination of essential oils that are safe for kids and pets. This cleaner works on windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces—just spray it on and wipe with a microfiber towel. The best part? It’s non-toxic and eco-friendly!

This cleaner is great for cleaning bathrooms because it’s so gentle. You don’t have to worry about harming your family members when they come into contact with it either; this product is completely safe!

Mrs. Meyer’s Window Spray

Mrs. Meyer’s Window Spray is made with plant- and mineral-based ingredients, which means that it’s not only a natural way to clean your windows, but also an eco-friendly option. Mrs. Meyer’s uses a proprietary blend of naturally derived cleaners in their products, so you can feel confident using them around your home without worrying about harmful chemicals or toxins.

The product comes in two scents: Lavender and Lemon Verbena (the one I tested). The smell of both was faint at first but intensified as I went along wiping down my windows—and even while they were still wet! I was surprised by how much fragrance these sprays gave off; it truly made cleaning my kitchen window worth doing just for the scent alone!

Martha Stewart Clean Glass and Window Concentrate

Martha Stewart Clean Glass and Window Concentrate is a great choice for people who want a natural, eco-friendly glass cleaner. This product is made with essential oils, plant-based ingredients and water, so it’s much less toxic than other cleaners on the market. It works on glass, mirrors and stainless steel surfaces like sinks, faucets and appliances. The concentrate form makes it easy to dilute in water as needed depending on the surface you’re cleaning—no added chemicals are necessary!

Zero-Waste Glass Cleaner

Ok, so you went through the options and you don’t any of them. One reason is that you’re still buying a plastic bottle with liquid inside that when you use up and then have to throw away or recycle. We can get around even this waste by a zero-waste solution that is a simple and affordable alternative to store-bought chemicals. It’s easy to make your own zero-waste glass cleaner by combining baking soda and vinegar in equal parts. Simply mix the two ingredients together in a small bowl or container, and pour into a homemade spray bottle (you can also use an empty spray bottle from store-bought cleaners).

To use this eco-friendly product, simply apply it directly on your windows or mirrors using the included brush, then wipe away with a paper towel or rag. You’ll notice that there are no harsh chemicals left behind when you’re finished cleaning!

There are many benefits associated with using this product instead of traditional cleaners: not only will you significantly reduce the amount of waste produced by switching over to homemade solutions, but you’ll also save money since these ingredients are both commonly found at home rather than in stores (and they’re inexpensive!).


We hope this list has helped you find the perfect glass cleaner for your home. The choice is ultimately up to you, but if we were in a situation where we had to choose just one product from this list then it would be hands down Zep Streak-Free Glass Cleaner!

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