Shifting To a Green Office Supply – What to Swap Out and Where to Get It

Introduction – Green Office Supply

Green Office Supply as a step to going green? Usually, people think about making environmental changes to their personal lives like recycling and driving less. But what about greening your office? There are many ways to do this, and one of the simplest is switching to green office supplies.

This blog post will discuss the benefits of using green office supplies and how you can make the switch.

Types Of Green Office Supplies

Most people use general office supplies in their daily lives, whether at home or work. While these items are all necessary for many people, they can also hurt the environment. Green office supplies are a solution to this problem.

These are made from recycled materials or sustainable resources which saves trees and energy. Green office supplies can also be made from sustainable resources, such as bamboo pens or notebooks. Bamboo grows quickly and doesn’t require the use of pesticides or fertilizers, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

green office supply


One of the most important things to consider when stocking an office is going green. To try and protect the environment, many companies have started to produce eco-friendly products. From pens made out of recycled plastic to paper sourced from sustainable forests, there are now a wide variety of green office supplies available on the market.

By making the switch to green office supplies, you can help reduce your company’s impact on the environment. And, as a bonus, green office supplies are often just as cost-effective as traditional options. So, it’s a win-win for both you and the planet!

What Are Good And Bad Office Supplies To Go Green

There are a lot of office supplies that people use regularly. Many of these items can be swapped out for greener options without sacrificing quality or functionality. Here are some examples:

Good Green Office Supplies

  • Reusable water bottles and mugs
  • Compostable trash bags
  • Staple-free model staplers
  • Biodegradable pens
  • Recycled or remanufactured cartridges

Bad Green Office Supplies

  • Bond pads
  • Furniture and materials made from PVC
  • Single-use paper cups
  • Single-use metal staplers
  • Plastic packaging tapes

Major Companies Selling Green Office Supplies

While green office supplies were once difficult to find, they are now widely available from a variety of green product companies. Here are a few major companies that sell green office supplies:

1. The Green Office

The Green Office is a green products company that offers a wide range of green office supplies, including recycled paper, recycled toner cartridges, and recycled printer cartridges. In addition to selling green office supplies, the Green Office also provides green consulting services to help businesses implement green practices in their workplace.

2. EcoOfficeUSA (US)

EcoOfficeUSA has a huge range of green office products that are made from sustainable and recycled materials. Their green products include everything from paper and pens made from recycled materials to green cleaning products and eco-friendly furniture. They even sell green office supplies made from bamboo, which is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.

3. Green Line Paper Company

Green Line Paper Company, as a green products company, offers a wide range of green office supplies, including paper made from 100% recycled materials, eco-friendly pens and pencils, and even recycled post-it notes! In addition to their green products, they also operate using sustainable business practices such as the “no print” policy in their offices, which means that all documents are sent electronically to save paper. They also offset all of their carbon emissions from shipping by planting trees.

Examples Of Green Office Supplies

In making a switch from general office supplies, there are a wide variety of green office supplies and eco-friendly supplies available on the market. Here are some examples:

1. Recycled Paper

Recycled papers are green office supplies made from recycled post-consumer waste, such as office paper and newspaper which uses less water and energy to produce than virgin (non-recycled) paper.

green office supply

2. Bamboo Pens

Bamboo pens are made from bamboo, which is a fast-growing, sustainable material. These green office supply pens are also biodegradable and compostable, making them a great green option.

3. Biodegradable Packaging And Packing Tape

This green office supply is made from biodegradable materials, such as cornstarch and other plant-based materials. This type of tape is also compostable and decomposes quickly, making it a great eco-friendly option.

4. LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs use less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs and last much longer, making them a green option for the office.

5. Compostable Trashbags

These green office supply options are made from compostable materials, such as cornstarch, which break down quickly in a commercial composting facility.

6. Staple Free Stapler

This green office supply eliminates the need for staples, which saves energy and resources. It works by using a small strip of adhesive to hold papers together.

Is Green The Same As Eco-friendly

We often see the words “green” and “eco-friendly” used interchangeably, but are they the same thing? In short, no. While both terms refer to practices that are intended to be environmentally friendly, they have different meanings. The term “green” is typically used to refer to products or practices that are considered to be environmentally friendly. This can include anything from using recycled materials to energy-efficient methods of production.

On the other hand, the term “eco-friendly” is used to refer specifically to practices that are intended to be gentle on the environment. This could include using natural materials, investing in renewable energy sources, or promoting sustainable living practices. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, it’s important to remember that they have different meanings. It’s always important to look into what those claims mean when there are claims that a product is “green” or “eco-friendly,”.

Zero-Waste Office Supplies – The Difference

You might be interested in zero-waste as well. Unlike eco-friendly meaning natural, sustainable, and low environmental impact, zero waste means reused, repurposed, or recycled with minimal or no waste generated. Not everything can be made zero waste. Good examples include the following:

1. Refillable pens and pencils – instead of being disposable. Make sure the ink and lead cartridges have low container waste also.

2. Reusable mugs and water bottles – instead of single-use coffee and water cups.

3. Rechargeable batteries – instead of disposable batteries.

4. Reusable Cloth Napkins – instead of single use paper towels.


There are many green and eco-friendly office supply options available on the market, so there is no excuse for not making the switch to green office supplies! Not only are green office supplies better for the environment, but they can also save you money in the long run. So make the switch today and start doing your part to reduce your impact on the environment!

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