Renault Electric SUV: Everything To Know

Introduction – Renault, Top 10 eCars in Europe

Renault is a leading player in the electric car market of Europe. Not only was Renault one of the first major automakers to fully commit to an all-electric future, but they have also consistently produced some of the most popular EVs on the market. The Renault Electric SUV, in particular, has proven to be a hit with UK customers.

With its sleek design and impressive range, it’s not surprising that it has become one of the most used electric SUVs in the country. It’s also affordable and includes innovative features like regenerative braking and customizable driving modes. Whether you’re looking for a family car or just one with extra space, the Renault Electric SUV should be on your list.

This article will discuss the many benefits of choosing an electric SUV, such as the Renault Electric SUV. It will also explore key features, like regenerative braking and customizable driving modes, to help you better understand what sets this car apart from other EVs.

renault electric suv

Who Is It For

The Renault Electric SUV is a versatile, eco-friendly vehicle designed for anyone needing a reliable mode of transportation. Its spacious interior and comfortable seating make it perfect for families and road trips. Its electric motor provides a smooth, quiet ride and low emissions, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals. Plus, with a range of 250 miles on a single charge and the ability to charge at any standard outlet, it’s perfect for city dwellers who want to save money on gas. Thanks to its sporty design and impressive features such as Bluetooth connectivity and automatic emergency braking, the Renault Electric SUV also appeals to young professionals looking for an upgrade on their daily commute. In short, this sleek electric SUV has something for everyone.

What Are The Specs

Renault’s Electric SUV offers drivers a sleek and modern design with plenty of power for city driving. This electric vehicle boasts a range of up to 273 miles on a single charge and can reach top speeds of 84 mph.

The Renault Electric SUV also features an impressive array of technology, including a touchscreen infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto compatibility, and an easy-to-use electric charging system. On the exterior, this SUV has LED headlights, a panoramic sunroof, and automatic windshield wipers.

Regarding safety, the Renault Electric SUV has lane departure warnings, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and more. With its attractive design, powerful performance, and convenient technology features, Renault’s Electric SUV is sure to impress any driver.

Renault Electric SUV Interior 

The Renault Electric SUV interior offers a modern design with a sleek and spacious layout. The adjustable leather seats provide comfortable seating for up to five passengers. The large touchscreen display offers easy access to navigation, media, and vehicle settings, while the advanced sound system provides excellent audio quality.

The panoramic sunroof allows natural light to fill the cabin, creating an open and airy atmosphere. Along with ample storage space and convenient USB charging ports, the Renault Electric SUV interior offers all the amenities necessary for a luxurious driving experience. The environmentally-friendly electric engine ensures that this SUV is stylish and sustainable. Choose the Renault Electric SUV for a high-tech, eco-friendly ride.

Renault Electric SUV Exterior

The Renault Electric SUV is a sleek and modern vehicle with a striking design. The exterior features smooth lines and a compact style, while the all-electric powertrain allows for an aerodynamic front grille and headlights. The SUV also has a panoramic sunroof, adding to the spacious and airy feel of the exterior design. With large 19-inch alloy wheels, the Renault Electric SUV exudes confidence and power as it takes on any terrain. And for added convenience, charging ports are integrated into the exterior for easy access to recharge the electric powertrain.

Charging And Range 

Renault’s new electric SUV, the Renault K-ZE, has an impressive range and charging capabilities. The vehicle boasts a maximum range of 265 mi (426 km) on a single charge, more than enough for daily commutes and long road trips. And if you are running low on battery, the Renault K-ZE offers fast charging options with a 90 kW DC charger that can provide an 80% charge in just one hour.

The Renault K-ZE also allows drivers to charge at home using its Wallbox Home charger, which can fully charge the vehicle overnight. Renault’s electric SUV proves that going green doesn’t involve sacrificing range or convenience. With its state-of-the-art charging capabilities, the Renault K-ZE is ready to easily tackle any journey.

Price And Availability 

Renault’s new electric SUV, the Renault Captur E-Tech, is now available starting at £35,995. The SUV has a 54kWh battery pack and a 136 horsepower motor, offering a range of up to 168 miles on a single charge.

The Captur E-Tech also boasts spacious seating for five adults and cutting-edge technology, including an 8.7-inch touchscreen infotainment system and adaptive cruise control. Renault offers customers the option to lease the battery pack separately, allowing them to pay only for the power they use.

At £40,995, the top trim level includes premium features such as heated leather seats and a panoramic roof. With its impressive range and stylish design, Renault’s Captur E-Tech is set to be a compelling option in the growing market of electric SUVs.

Does Renault Have A Hybrid SUV?

While Renault does not currently have a hybrid SUV, they have plans to introduce one shortly. The new Renault Arkane, set for release in 2023, will feature a hybrid engine and striking design features. In addition to the Arkane, Renault announced their ambition to offer electric or hybrid versions for all models by 2022.

Until then, eco-conscious SUV seekers can consider the Renault Kadjar, a crossover vehicle with fuel efficiency ratings as high as 54.7 mpg. It looks like Renault’s future lineup will have something for everyone looking for an environmentally friendly option on the road.


In conclusion, Renault Electric SUV offers drivers a stylish, feature-packed option for eco-friendly driving. With its all-electric powertrain, the Renault K-ZE offers an impressive range and fast charging capabilities to easily tackle any journey. And at an affordable price point starting at just £35,995, the Captur E-Tech is set to be a popular choice in the electric SUV market. So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice style or performance, look no further than the Renault Electric SUV. 

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