Mist n Save System Review – Evaporative Cooling

Introduction – Evaporative Cooling

ShrinkThatFootprint covers a lot of heating and cooling because this is the major use of energy in a house and therefore one of the big drivers of carbon emissions on the individual level, and as you can imagine, of businesses that own or rent buildings and need to maintain an internal climate. Rather than go over standard ACs that move heat out and cool air in, we’ll talk about evaporative cooling system that increase the efficiency of cooling using moisture. Have you ever heard of the Mist n Save system for AC units?

mist n save system
AC condenser units which get hot while in operation

It’s supposed to be a way to cool your AC unit by spraying it with water. This process is supposed to cool down the unit and improves its overall efficiency. The key is in the tiny droplets of water sprayed onto the unit’s coils and fins. Whether this idea works or not will require a bit of digging, understanding and testing.

These droplets act as mini evaporative coolers, significantly improving the unit’s overall cooling capacity. In addition, it helps to prevent dirt and debris from building up on the coils, allowing for better airflow and further improving efficiency. The claim is that Mist n Save system will keep your home cool by making the AC more efficient, and save money on energy in the long run. The company calls the product a “Central Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling System” that will cut down costs.

Endorsement From Ed Begley Jr, Actor And Environmentalist

Notably, the CoolnSave system comes with an endorsement from Ed Begley Jr., a well-known environmental activist, who calls it “one of the most cost-effective and simple ways to save energy”. This lends a level of credibility to the product.

What Does The Mist n Save System Kit Do For the AC?

The Mist n Save system kit is a unique and innovative idea to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your central air conditioner. This kit utilizes a fine misting process to cool down the outside unit of your AC, allowing it to operate at optimal levels and reducing strain on the system.

It is a special technique used to cool down and maintain the efficiency of air conditioners. This system involves spraying water onto the coils and fins of the AC unit to create tiny droplets that act as mini evaporative coolers.

Not only does this increase the performance of your AC, but it also helps to reduce energy consumption and lower monthly utility bills. The misting process can be easily set up in just minutes, making it a quick and hassle-free way to improve the efficiency of your AC. The Mist n Save system can provide a welcome boost to keep your home cool and comfortable in the hot summer months.

How To Install The Mist N Save System?

Installing the Mist n Save system on your air conditioner is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. First, locate the condenser unit of your air conditioner and turn off its power. Second, attach the Mist n Save nozzle to the outside side of the condenser’s hot water discharge pipe with a hose clamp.

Third, attach the supply line to a faucet or hose, and turn it on to test for leaks before turning on the power to your AC unit. Fourth, adjust the water flow through the Mist n Save nozzle until you achieve desired misting effects. With regular use of this system, you can keep your AC unit running efficiently and effectively at the expense of a little bit of extra electricity consumption.

The Benefits Of Using The Mist n Save System

The Mist n Save system kit on a central air conditioner is an interesting idea for homes and businesses. Not only should it greatly reduce water consumption, but it also improve air conditioning efficiency and performance.

The Mist n Save uses recycled water from the air conditioner’s condensation line to create a fine mist, cooling the incoming air before it reaches the unit. This cools the evaporator coil, allowing it to work more efficiently and reducing strain on the entire system. This can lead to reduced energy consumption, lower monthly utility bills, and prolonged life of the central air conditioner.

In addition, Mist n Save helps save water by recycling condensate rather than draining it away. Using this simple yet innovative system kit can help conserve energy and water while optimizing your air conditioning unit’s performance.

How To Use The Mist n Save System Kit?

The Mist n Save System kit promotes energy efficiency in Central Air Conditioners. The kit includes a hose, nozzle, and fittings needed for installation. First, turn off the AC unit before starting installation.

Next, cut a hole below the condenser coil and attach the hose fitting with a zip tie or clamp. Then, assemble the rest of the hose and nozzle according to the package instructions and position it above the condenser coil. Finally, turn on the AC unit and adjust the nozzle to mist water onto the coil at regular intervals using either an automatic timer or manual controls.

This helps to cool down hot coils and reduce energy consumption. With some easy installation and maintenance, the Mist n Save System can make a big difference in keeping your AC running efficiently.

Pros And Cons Of The Mist n Save System

The Mist n Save system is a kit that can be attached to central air conditioners to cool the air with water mist. While this system does offer some benefits, it also has its drawbacks.

On the plus side, the water mist can lower the temperature of the air, allowing for more energy-efficient operations and possibly reducing electricity costs. The kit is also easy to install and doesn’t require any major changes to your AC unit.

However, there are also some potential downsides to using this system. The water mist can increase humidity levels and cause issues with mold growth. Additionally, if not properly maintained, it can lead to clogs and damage in the AC unit.

mist n save system
Excess moisture from the system will add to mold growth if the moisture doesn’t evaporate away quickly

Do Air Conditioner Misters Work? 

While it may feel refreshing at first, does this mist do anything to lower the temperature or improve air quality? The answer is not a clear yes or no.

There is little evidence to support the effectiveness of AC misters in terms of cooling. Some studies suggest that the mist may make the air feel warmer rather than cooler. However, there are potential benefits to air quality and circulation, as the mist can help to reduce dust and increase humidity levels in dry, arid environments.

We recommend you use the device diligently for 15 days and monitor your electrical meter, then during the same hot summer month, switch off the device for 15 days and compare the electricity usage. All else being equal, you’ll pick up evidence of whether its working. Even better, the company should carry out its own tests and publish it on their website.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Mist n Save system is a useful tool to help improve the efficiency and performance of central air conditioners. It offers a simple way to cool down hot coils while also helping to reduce energy consumption and prevent clogs in the AC unit. However, some potential downsides include increased humidity levels and possible mold growth. Whether or not this system is right for you will depend on your specific needs and climate conditions. So consider all pros and cons before using the Mist n Save kit for your AC.

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