Mercedes Vito Electric Review: Is It Worth The Price

Introduction – Mercedes Vito EV Van

The Mercedes eVito electric van is one of the most popular electric cars today. This is a well-presented, reliable vehicle that will suffice for your business’s needs. As it is available in several different sizes and has been designed to suit a range of business requirements, you will surely find one that closely matches your needs. 

The economic cost per mile makes this model an excellent choice for any small or medium-sized business. The advanced engineering features ensure that it can keep up with demands without costing too much to run. 

Mercedes eVito is a fully electric commercial van produced by Mercedes-Benz. It offers zero local emissions and a quiet driving experience, making it a perfect choice for business owners looking to reduce their carbon footprint. 

mercedes vito electric

Driving Experience

The eVito has a range of up to 160 miles (258 km) on a single charge and can be charged in about 6.5 hours with a conventional AC power source. Additionally, the van offers excellent cargo space with the option to add roof racks for even more storage potential. The Mercedes eVito electric is also equipped with advanced tech features like collision prevention assistance and strength-enhancing body components for added safety on the road. 

This comes with a 116hp electric motor with up to 360Nm of torque. It is also equipped with a regenerative braking feature which allows you to recharge the battery during braking. Its compact dimensions and low floor make it easy to manoeuvre tight spaces.

Fuel Economy & Range

The WLTP range for the eVito 66kWh Panel Van range is 160 miles (258 km). However, as you might know, the WLTP is a standardized testing procedure that doesn’t reflect real driving conditions so your range will likely be a little lower than that. The range makes it ideal for small or medium-sized businesses that must travel daily within city limits. Mercedes estimates that a small business van will travel 62 miles in a day.

Design and Build

The Mercedes eVito electric van has a stylish and modern design that perfectly complements its advanced engineering. The exterior is sleek and streamlined, while the interior is spacious and comfortable, making it easy to drive without fatigue for long periods. Whether you need to transport cargo or people, the eVito can easily accommodate your needs.

Why Did Mercedes-Benz Update The eVito?

The Mercedes-Benz eVito has been a leading player in the electric van market since its initial release in 2018. However, Mercedes-Benz didn’t rest on its laurels and decided to introduce updates to the eVito for the 2020 model year. These updates include a new, more efficient drive system, increased range and an updated interior with added features for enhanced comfort and convenience. 

The new drive system for the eVito offers improved power delivery, making it even more efficient and capable than before. The eVito’s driving range has also been increased by up to 93 miles thanks to an upgraded lithium-ion battery pack. Additionally, the van now features fast charging capabilities, allowing drivers to recharge their battery to 80% in just 35 minutes. Mercedes also increased the payload for the eVito, allowing it to carry up to 807 kg (1775 pounds).

Aside from enhanced performance, the 2020 eVito also offers updated features within the cabin. Popular options such as heated seats and a multifunction steering wheel now come standard, as well as new technologies such as a rearview camera and MBUX multimedia system with touchscreen display. 

Overall, these updates solidify the Mercedes-Benz eVito’s position as a top player in the electric van market and highlight the company’s commitment to constantly improving its products.

Is Mercedes Vito Electric Worth The Price?

The Mercedes eVito van boasts a range of over 160 miles, a top speed of 81 mph, and a payload capacity of up to 1.2 tons – but is it worth the price tag? At almost £43,600 significantly more expensive than traditional diesel vans. But beyond just being environmentally friendly, the car offers significant cost savings in the long run. With no need for gas or oil changes, and reduced maintenance costs, the eVito Electric can save thousands in operating expenses over its lifetime.

And with government incentives available for electric vehicles, the initial cost may be even lower than expected. In terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the Mercedes eVito is worth considering for business owners needing a reliable commercial vehicle.

mercedes vito electric

What Connectivity Does The Mercedes eVito Electric Offer Drivers? 

The Mercedes eVito is a highly connected van, offering advanced connectivity features for drivers and fleet managers. With integrated 4G LTE Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, the eVito lets you stay connected on the go. You can also use telematics services such as GPS tracking to monitor vehicle performance and fuel usage in real-time.

And with remote diagnostics capabilities, you can easily identify any issues with your van before they become major problems. Overall, these advanced connectivity features make the Mercedes eVito electric an ideal choice for businesses looking to increase efficiency and improve safety on the road.​

eVito Rapid/Fastcharge capabilities – How Long Does It Take To Charge eVito?

In addition, the eVito comes with fast charging capabilities that allow you to quickly replenish the battery when needed. The specs are that in 35 minutes using a fast charger, 80% of the capacity can be filled up which means 129.6 miles.

The charging time for an eVito electric vehicle depends on the charging station used. It takes approximately six hours to charge the battery from 0% to 100% at a public charging station. However, using a Level 2 charger at home can significantly reduce charging time, taking approximately four hours to reach full charge.

It is important to note that while fast chargers are available, they may not be compatible with all types of electric vehicles. Consult the owner’s manual or contact a certified electric vehicle service provider for more information on properly charging your specific model. Overall, electric vehicles provide an environmentally-friendly option for transportation and can provide significant cost savings in fuel expenses.

The tradeoff, however, is longer charging times compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles. Nonetheless, with careful planning and access to charging stations, owning an electric vehicle can still be a convenient and practical choice.

Wrapping Up

The Mercedes eVito is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a reliable and affordable commercial van. Its advanced technology features make it safe and efficient to drive daily, while its superior design makes it stand out from other models in its class. So if you’re looking for an electric vehicle that can keep up with your business demands.

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