List Of Electric Suppliers In Chicago

Introduction – List Of Electric Suppliers In Chicago

Competition in energy services means more consumer choices. In general, ShrinkThatFootprint likes more choices because market competition should lead to efficiencies, which of course, the customers need to demand. The deregulation of electricity markets began in the 90s that had hiccups along the way. Illinois is one of the states that made the transition. In Chicago, there are many electric suppliers to choose from. These companies supply all over the city, from downtown to the suburbs. Many of these suppliers offer competitive rates and incentives for signing up for their services. In addition, they can make custom plans that are tailored to individual needs. Shopping around and comparing plans is always recommended, as finding the best deal is important. This post has come with a list of electric suppliers Chicago that I will discuss later.

When signing a contract with an electric supplier, customers should also be aware of any fine print. When selecting an electric supplier in Chicago, it is important to compare prices, services, and customer service ratings before deciding. Make sure to read contracts thoroughly and know exactly what you will be paying and any additional fees associated with the plan.

Best Electric Suppliers In Chicago

If you are looking for electric suppliers in Chicago, here are three of the top-rated companies:


Graybar is known for being one of the leading electric suppliers in Chicago, providing a wide assortment of electrical supplies and services to customers. They offer top-of-the-line products from best-in-class manufacturers like Siemens and GE and customized solutions tailored to unique customer needs. Expert customer service and delivery are backed by more than 150 years of supply chain management experience.

Their roots go back to 1869 when Gray & Barton Company opened its doors in St. Louis, Missouri. Every employee works hard to exceed customer expectations while ensuring they get the right product at the right time with fair prices. Whether it’s lighting, motors, power transmission, data communications, or automation products – Graybar has businesses across the greater Chicago area covered, and electric suppliers can rely on them for consistent, quality service.

Willow Electrical Supply Co Inc.

Willow Electrical Supply Co Inc. is a well-known electric supplier in Chicago, providing quality electrical supplies for residential and commercial customers. With their wide variety of electric products ranging from plugs to equipment, they can satisfy virtually any electric need. Their team of electricians is highly experienced in connecting houses and buildings with the electrical grid and installing all electric fixtures.

They offer 24/7 customer service and emergency services to their customers so that you can resolve any electric issues without delay. Above all, they provide industry-leading warranties on every product they sell and reliable customer service that goes above and beyond what many other electric suppliers offer in Chicago.

Eligo Energy

Founded in 2014, Eligo Energy has since established itself as one of the top electric suppliers in Chicago and is recognized as an innovator in energy solutions. Customers have come to rely on Eligo Energy’s superior quality customer service and competitive prices, along with the company’s reputation of reliability and trustworthiness.

The electric provider was the first to provide electric users across Chicago with a seamless platform enabling customers to select their electric plan and specify the exact terms they want, such as price per kWh or length of the contract.

They offer resources and support services which provide invaluable guidance for electric users who want to know more about electric supplies or find out which electric plan best suits their needs. Thanks to its keen attention to innovation, quality service, affordability, and consumer rights, Eligo Energy is a top electric supplier in Chicago that always puts customers first.

AEP Energy

AEP Energy is a dedicated electric supplier in Greater Chicago that stands out among its competitors. As one of the most renowned electric companies in the city, it consistently earns positive ratings from customers due to its extensive service offerings and exceptional customer care. AEP Energy specializes in providing residential electric plans for households of all sizes and offers several types of payment options along with innovative cashback rewards for loyal customers.

Additionally, their tools and online resources allow customers to monitor usage and energy costs to gain even greater control over their electric bills. With responsible energy use always top of mind, AEP Energy proudly supports sustainability initiatives to provide renewable solutions for our planet’s future.

Grant Electric Supply, Inc.

Grant Electric Supply, Inc. is an established electric supplier in Chicago, well-known for its impressive selection of electric components and appliances. It has provided residential and commercial customers with the products they need to make their properties safe, functional, and cost-effective since its founding in 1988.

The company sources electric supplies from the most trusted manufacturers, so you can assure customers of reliability and quality workmanship. What sets Grant Electric apart from other electric suppliers in Chicago is their ability to provide different solutions for various needs – from industrial wiring jobs to replacing light switches; Grant Electric has it all at competitive prices.

Aside from electric supplies, the company also provides free technical advice so customers can get sound advice from experienced professionals on what products would suit their projects. With their broad range of products and expertise, it is no surprise why Grant Electric Supply, Inc. is one of the most famous electric suppliers in Chicago.

Pure Electric Inc

Pure Electric Inc. is one of the most well-known electric suppliers in Chicago, and for a good reason. Established in 2002, this company has consistently provided its customers with safe, reliable electric supplies. Frequently when electric suppliers are considered, people tend to think of lower-quality products or limited styles due to the nature of the business.

However, Pure Electric Inc.’s commitment to customer service means they only provide high-grade items at more affordable prices than other electric supply companies in the area. They offer a wide range of products, including electric and lighting fixtures, electric components, electric motors, and decorative lighting – enough to please even the most discerning buyer.

Over the years, customers have returned time and time to their doors due to their standards for excellence and blazing fast order processing times – without sacrificing quality services for speed or affordability.

It’s important to remember to look out for scams when choosing an electric supplier. If a supplier is offering rates too good to be true, there’s a good chance they aren’t legitimate. Always research any company thoroughly before committing to a contract or agreeing to purchase services. This can help protect customers from getting caught up in fraudulent practices.


With so many great options available, finding the right electric supplier in Chicago doesn’t have to be difficult. Shopping around and comparing plans can help customers find the best possible deal while avoiding potential scams. Hopefully, this post has given some insight into selecting a reliable electric supplier in the area.

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