14 Eco Friendly Gifts For Kids

Introduction – Sustainable And Eco Friendly Gifts For Kids

[Updated 2/1/2024: We added to our list of gifts to include books]

We love to give our children gifts and our children love gifts because to them everything is new and wonderful and full of mystery. Gifts are a way for us to show that we care about them. Gifts also strengthen the bond between us and our children. In addition, giving them is also a great chance to teach a lesson.

eco friendly gifts for kids
Wood toys from responsibly farmed wood are sustainable and eco-friendly

But toys are also inherently disposable because kids outgrow them, so giving a toy is a great opportunity to opt for toys that are made with more sustainable materials that are non-toxic, durable and can be reused or donated to others when the original owner no longer has need for them. Sustainable toys also tend to be more creative, as they are made from natural materials or recycled products. This encourages children to use their imaginations and think outside the box when playing with them.

In this case, giving eco friendly gifts for kids we think will instill in them a sense of protectiveness of our world by giving them something that emphasizes the impact on our environment, especially the carbon in the atmosphere, and its impact on our future.

For example, plastic waste is ugly in the oceans and on land, its composition as derived from petroleum means its breakdown adds to our carbon intensity, and its “disposable” nature encourages more buying and a perpetuation of the cycle.

By giving eco-friendly sustainable non-plastic gifts to your kids, you can help them understand why it is important to reduce, reuse, and support sustainable practices. You can also encourage them to use less plastic in their everyday lives. We can all make a difference in the health of our planet by teaching our children to be more responsible about their consumption and waste.

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids

Below we give 10 ideas to start. There really are no limits to the kinds of eco-friendly gifts we can give kids, from books to toys to clothes. You also don’t need to buy anything – consider used items, recycled items, and upcycled items. Another great eco-friendly gift for kids is any solar-powered toy. Solar-powered toys are powered by the sun and are a great way to teach kids about renewable energy.

1. Wooden Or Bamboo Brick Set

Wooden blocks are a classic toy

Wooden or bamboo lego-like brick sets are the perfect eco-friendly gift for kids! These classic toys have been around for generations and provide a great way to teach children basic problem solving and construction skills.

Being wood or bamboo, these are made from sustainable materials. Wooden blocks are also safer for kids to play with, as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. And because they’re pretty sturdy, kids can build anything they want.

Wooden or bamboo lego bricks are sure to provide endless hours of fun for kids of all ages – and they’ll help create a more sustainable world in the process. One online store that carries the bamboo type is this one: Eco-bricks.

2. Cotton Bobble Hat

Cotton is a durable and natural fiber often used to make clothing, linens, and other textile products. Cotton is known for being soft, comfortable, and easy to care for. Cotton is also a good choice for eco-friendly gifts because it is a renewable resource.

Cotton can be grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Cotton is also biodegradable, meaning it will break down naturally over time. A cotton bobble hat makes a great eco-friendly gift for kids because it is made from a natural, renewable resource.

Cotton hats are also soft and comfortable to wear and can be machine washed and dried. Cotton hats come in many different styles, so you can find one that your child will love.

3. Hemp Rope

Hemp rope is a great eco-friendly gift for kids. Hemp rope is made from the Cannabis sativa plant, one of the strongest and most durable ropes. Hemp rope is biodegradable, so it won’t end up in a landfill like other synthetic ropes.

Hemp rope is also very eco-friendly because it requires no pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Hemp rope is a great gift for kids because it is strong, durable, and eco-friendly. Kids can make all sorts of fun projects with hemp rope depending on the size of the rope.

Some ideas include: creating dream catchers, friendship bracelets, hammocks, swings, wall art, lanyards, DIY jewelry, weaving mats, and more.

4. Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are a great eco-friendly gift for kids. Wooden toys are made from renewable materials and are biodegradable, so they don’t add to the growing problem of plastic pollution.

Wooden toys are sturdier than plastic ones, so they last longer and don’t end up in landfill as quickly. Wooden toys are also safer for kids to play with because they don’t have small parts that can be choking hazards.

And finally, wooden toys are just more fun to play with! The natural beauty of the wood and the way it feels in your hands is something that plastic just can’t match.

5. Art & Crafts Supplies

Art and crafts supplies make great eco-friendly gifts for kids. Not only are they reusable, but they also help to promote creativity and imagination.

Art supplies can be used repeatedly, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Plus, when kids use their imaginations to create art, they are more likely to come up with innovative solutions to problems in the future.

Examples? Play dough is eco-friendly and a great toy for creative play.

6. Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

Stainless steel lunch boxes are a great eco-friendly gift for kids. They are durable, last longer, and do not leach chemicals into food as plastic lunch boxes can.

Stainless steel is also naturally antibacterial and resists mold and mildew growth. Stainless steel lunch boxes come in various fun colors and designs that kids will love. They are also lightweight and easy to clean.

Stainless steel lunch boxes are a great alternative to plastic lunch boxes and are sure to make packing lunch more fun for kids!

7. Organic Cotton Beanie

Organic cotton beanies make great eco-friendly gifts for kids. They are made from organic cotton, which is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers.

This makes them much better for the environment than conventional cotton beanies. In addition, organic cotton beanies are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. They are also very stylish and come in various colors and designs. Most importantly, they are very affordable, so you can easily find one to fit your budget.

eco friendly gifts for kids
Wooden toys are an alternative to hydrocarbon-based plastic toys

8. Plant Growth Kits

Plant Growth Kits are an excellent eco-friendly gift for kids of all ages. Plant Growth Kits provide everything a child needs to grow their plants, including seeds, soil, pots, and instructions.

Plant Growth Kits are also a great way to teach children about the importance of taking care of the environment. Children will learn how to care for the earth and its resources by growing their plants.

Plant Growth Kits are available at most major retailers, and they make an excellent eco-friendly gift for kids.

9. Personalized Eco Toothbrushes

Personalized eco toothbrushes make perfect eco-friendly gifts for kids. They are made of sustainable bamboo, which is a naturally antibacterial material.

The bamboo is also biodegradable, so it won’t end up in landfills. Personalized eco toothbrushes come in fun colors and patterns that kids will love. They also have their names printed on them, so they can feel extra special when they brush their teeth.

And best of all, personalized eco toothbrushes are gentle on teeth and gums. They are the perfect way to encourage kids to develop good oral hygiene habits!

10. Tree Plant For The Child To Look After

Tree plant gifts are a fantastic eco-friendly present for kids. Not only will they appreciate the gesture of receiving a living Tree, but you will also instill in them a sense of responsibility for caring for it.

Tree planting gifts teach children about the environment and the importance of caring for our planet. It is a great way to get them involved in eco-friendly initiatives from a young age. Plus, they will love watching their trees grow and thrive over the years!

11. Eco Friendly Kids Clothes

Here’s a bonus one because this will please only the parent and not the kid. Eco-friendly clothing is made from sustainable materials, like organic cotton, organic hemp, and recycled fibers.

This type of clothing is good for the environment and often made in a way that supports local communities, so you can feel good about supporting that as well.

We don’t have room here to talk about all the sources so here’s a more detailed write up about eco-friendly kids clothes including specific stores.

12. Sustainable Sand Toys

Introducing sustainable sand toys for kids, a mindful initiative that merges fun with the responsibility of conserving our planet. Traditional sand toys often contribute to plastic waste, ending up in landfills or polluting our oceans.

However, the use of sustainable materials like recyclable plastics, wood, and tree latex rubber provides a solution that is both eco-friendly and enjoyable for children. These materials are biodegradable, sustainable, or result in low waste, serving as responsible alternatives to the conventional, non-degradable plastic toys.

For instance, toys made of wood or recyclable plastics not only last longer but also can be recycled or decompose naturally over time. Similarly, those made from tree latex rubber, a renewable resource, provide a durable and sustainable option that has minimal impact on our environment. These toys show that we can prioritize our children’s joy and play without compromising the health of our planet.

13. Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

Eco-friendly lunch boxes make for a thoughtful and practical gift that not only serves a daily function but also instills the values of sustainability in young minds.

Made from materials like stainless steel, bamboo, or biodegradable plastics, these lunch boxes are designed to be long-lasting and free from harmful chemicals. They often come in a variety of fun designs and colors that kids will love, making mealtime more enjoyable.

The best part? By choosing an eco-friendly lunch box, you’re helping to reduce waste and teach your child about the importance of making environmentally responsible choices. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, both to your child and the planet.

14. Kids Books About Sustainability

Gifting a children’s book about sustainability is a seed planted to foster appreciation for our planet and the importance of protecting it. Such books offer a colorful and engaging way to introduce complex concepts like conservation, recycling, and the importance of biodiversity, all tailored to the curious minds of children. These stories contribute a sustainable future by inspiring the next generation to think green from a young age.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, there are many great eco-friendly gift options for kids. These gifts are not only good for the environment but also sure to please the young ones in your life. So, next time you are looking for a present for a child, consider one of these eco-friendly options!

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