Coleman Electric Furnace Review

Introduction – Coleman Company From Camping To Home AC and Heating

The Coleman Company started off in the late 1800s as a manufacturer of lanterns and stoves. In the early 1900s, they began to produce gas-powered refrigerators, and by the 1950s, they introduced the first portable air conditioner. Today, Coleman is a leading manufacturer of air conditioners and heating products. Coleman electric furnaces are used in your home. The high quality and dependable features make this electric furnace a worth-to-buy product. A Coleman electric furnace offers reliable heating for your home during the cold winter months. This furnace uses electricity as its fuel source, providing clean and efficient heat.

One of the benefits of an electric furnace is that it has no combustion process, making it safer for indoor air quality and reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Coleman electric furnaces also offer quiet operation and flexible installation options, as they do not require venting like other types of furnaces do. With multiple size options available, there is a Coleman electric furnace that can meet the needs of any home’s heating system.

coleman electric furnace

Features Coleman Electric Furnace 

The Coleman Electric Furnace boasts numerous convenient features that make it an attractive option for any homeowner. Its compact design allows easy installation in tight spaces, while its powerful blower motor produces consistent, efficient heat distribution. The furnace’s control board includes an LED diagnostic display and simple controls, making operation and maintenance hassle-free.

With 6 models available and capacities from 34,000 to 77,000 BTU/hr, you will easily find the Coleman electric furnace that is perfect for your home. And whether you need an indoor or outdoor furnace, there is a model to fit your needs.

This is an ideal option for those who live in mobile homes and need a dependable heating system. To learn more about this and other electric furnaces on the market today, check out our website to explore your options and find the perfect furnace for your home.

This electric furnace is quieter than traditional, thanks to its vibration isolators and insulated cabinet. With these features and more, the Coleman electric furnace offers a reliable heating solution for any home.

The Price Range Of Coleman Electric Furnace 

The price range of a Coleman Electric Furnace will depend on its capacity and size. The smallest option, with a capacity of 9kW, can be purchased for around $500, while the largest option, boasting a capacity of 22KW, will cost upwards of $1000. However, it’s important to note that although the initial cost may be higher for a larger furnace, it can also save money in the long run by heating your home more efficiently.

So before purchasing, consider not only your budget but also the size and layout of your space. In addition, keep in mind that installing an electric furnace may require some remodeling or upgrades to your electrical system. Consult with a professional to ensure you have the wiring and circuit breakers to safely use an electric furnace in your home. Overall, the price range for Coleman Electric Furnaces is between $500 and $1000, but it’s important to consider all factors before deciding.

Pros And Cons Of Coleman Electric Furnace 

One option for a new heating system is the Coleman electric furnace. Before deciding, it is important to weigh both the pros and cons of this type of unit. 

One potential benefit is the low maintenance and quiet operation of electric furnaces. They do not require regular cleaning or maintenance like gas or oil furnaces and operate without noise. Additionally, electric furnaces are safer since they do not produce carbon monoxide or have an open flame. 

However, there are some drawbacks to consider with electric furnace units. They tend to be less efficient than gas furnaces, resulting in higher energy bills. In addition, they may be unable to heat larger spaces or multiple levels of a home effectively. 

When we looked at the Energystar website, because high efficiency furnaces are only fueled by natural gas or oil, we can’t find any Coleman Electric furnaces.

Ultimately, deciding whether a Coleman electric furnace is right for your home will depend on your specific heating needs and preferences. Weighing the pros and cons can help inform your decision-making process.

Warranties Of Coleman Electric Furnace 

Before you take the plunge and purchase a new furnace, consider warranties. The Coleman Electric Furnace offers peace of mind with a lifetime limited warranty on the compressor and heat exchanger and a 10-year warranty on all other parts. These comprehensive warranties demonstrate Coleman’s confidence in their product and commitment to providing exceptional quality and durability.

coleman electric furnace

In the unlikely event that an issue should arise, Coleman’s expert service technicians will be available to quickly resolve any problems and ensure your home stays comfortable all year round. Choosing a furnace with reliable warranties, like those offered by Coleman, can provide long-term savings and added security for your heating system.

Who Should Buy A Coleman Electric Furnace? 

A Coleman Electric Furnace might be the perfect fit if you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home. Those living in areas with access to electricity will benefit from the lower operating costs of an electric furnace than traditional gas or oil furnaces.

Homeowners looking for a quiet and maintenance-free heating option will appreciate the lack of noise and minimal upkeep required by an electric furnace. Families with allergies can also benefit from the clean-burning, allergen-free heat provided by an electric furnace.

This electric furnace is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking reliable and cost-saving heating solutions, whether you are building a new home or revitalizing your current heating system.

Is The Coleman Electric Furnace Worth The Money?

While there are certainly benefits to Coleman electric furnace, the investment may not be worth it for every homeowner. One of the furnace’s main selling points is its energy efficiency, with an AFUE rating of 97%. However, this only applies if you have access to low-cost electricity. The cost savings may not be significant in areas with high electricity rates. Worse, electric furnaces are on the most inefficient ways to heat a home when accounting either by the energy input needed for a certain amount of heat, or the monetary cost of the energy, which is more important to most people.

coleman electric furnace

In addition, electric furnaces may require more complex and expensive repairs than gas or oil furnaces. And while the this electric furnace does offer features such as quiet operation and multi-speed blowers, these may not be necessary for every household. Ultimately, homeowners need to weigh the potential pros and cons before deciding whether to invest in a Coleman Electric Furnace. Only you can determine if the added cost is worth it for your needs and circumstances.

The Efficiency Of Electric Furnaces Is Comparatively Low

Among the many types of heating used in a home, the electric furnace is one of the lowest and therefore most costly to operate. As a consequence, they are really not good for reducing carbon emissions. They make most sense for small apartment spaces that don’t need a lot of energy to heat. For even a small house, which is much larger by area compared to an apartment, the electric furnace should not be the first choice. Other options, including natural gas furnaces, and electric heat pumps, will much more money in the long run and provide the same or equivalent amount of heating. We cover other options extensively on ShrinkThatFootprint. However there are two cases in which we think an electric furnace would make sense.

The first is if you live in a country with a very clean grid, like Sweden, Iceland, Brazil, France, then an electric furnace might be costly but at least the carbon emissions are considerably lower than if you lived in the US, UK, Australia, Canada. The second is if you have your own renewable energy source like a home solar panel system, then you’re likely to be generating excess energy and it’s totally fine to be have an electric furnace.


In conclusion, this electric furnace is worth considering if you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home. With its quiet operation, minimal maintenance requirements, and superior energy efficiency, this furnace provides reliable heating solutions for homeowners in all regions. So whether you are building a new home or simply seeking to improve the functionality of your current system, the Coleman Electric Furnace is sure to provide long-lasting value and comfort.

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