Buying and Installing an Energy Monitor

I’ve owned three different energy monitors, and played with a few of my friends, and my favorite is still the Efergy Elite.

It is relatively cheap compared to other monitors, easy to use and gives you great access to data.  It has topped Which Magazine’s independent comparison of 17 monitors, and is the biggest selling energy monitor in the world at over half a million units sold.

There are still two caveats worth noting.

Firstly, the install of the sensor clip will be very easy if you have good access, but a nightmare if your cables retreat directly into the wall from you fuse box.  If that is they case you might want to work out how you’ll attach the sensor before buying.  (I’ve attached the install video below.)

Secondly, if you have solar the Elite cannot measure generation.  It will only do usage and even then only if your wiring allows it.  I have a Wattson for this purpose, but still prefer the Elite for monitoring our usage because it tells me daily, weekly, monthly readings without attaching a computer.

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