Average Solar Production in Colorado USA

Data is from the NREL.gov app for average solar radiation energy per day in Denver, Colorado. We used this reference point to compute the solar radiation energy production per day (in kWh/m²), which changes throughout the year according to the month. Each month is different due to the changing relative trajectory of the sun.

To get the monthly production, we simply multiplied by the number of days for each month. Finally to get the annual production, we added up all of the monthly values.

The average solar panel surface area is estimated to be 1.5 square meters. The efficiency of converting solar radiation into energy is estimated to be 15%.

MonthSolar radiation per daySolar radiation per monthSolar energy per month 1 panelSolar energy per month 20 panels 
January4.00 kWh/m²124.00 kWh/m²27.90 kWh558.00 kWh
February4.80 kWh/m²148.80 kWh/m²33.48 kWh669.60 kWh
March5.87 kWh/m²181.97 kWh/m²40.94 kWh818.87 kWh
April6.30 kWh/m²195.30 kWh/m²43.94 kWh878.85 kWh
May6.72 kWh/m²208.32 kWh/m²46.87 kWh937.44 kWh
June7.25 kWh/m²224.75 kWh/m²50.57 kWh1011.38 kWh
July7.15 kWh/m²221.65 kWh/m²49.87 kWh997.43 kWh
August6.65 kWh/m²206.15 kWh/m²46.38 kWh927.68 kWh
September6.20 kWh/m²192.20 kWh/m²43.25 kWh864.90 kWh
October5.15 kWh/m²159.65 kWh/m²35.92 kWh718.43 kWh
November4.45 kWh/m²137.95 kWh/m²31.04 kWh620.78 kWh
December3.78 kWh/m²117.18 kWh/m²26.37 kWh527.31 kWh
Average Solar Production in Colorado
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