Atelier Jolie – A New Sustainable Fashion Brand From Angelina Jolie

Renowned actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie is bringing her passion for sustainability to the fashion world with the announcement of her new project – a creative and inclusive fashion collective named ‘Atelier Jolie‘. As of May 2023, the website is largely a holding page and the company has yet to reveal all its product lines.

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The announcement, made on her Instagram account on May 17th 2023, revealed the unique ethos behind Atelier Jolie. Unlike traditional fashion brands, this collective invites consumers to partake in the creative process of the clothing they wear, breaking away from the traditional designer-label paradigm.

“Atelier Jolie is a place for creative people to collaborate with a skilled and diverse family of expert tailors, pattern makers, and artisans from around the world,” Jolie wrote in her announcement. “It stems from my appreciation and deep respect for the many tailors and makers I’ve worked with over the years, a desire to make use of the high-quality vintage material and deadstock fabric already available, and also to be part of a movement to cultivate more self-expression.”

Atelier Jolie is a beacon of sustainability in the fashion industry. The collective places an emphasis on the use of deadstock materials and promotes repair and upcycling of pieces that consumers already own. “We will use only leftover, quality vintage material and deadstock. You will be able to repair or upcycle pieces from your closet you wish to revive, perfecting fit, breathing new life into what could have been thrown away, and creating quality heirloom garments with personal meaning,” the official statement reads.

But beyond this, Atelier Jolie also aims to democratize the fashion industry by providing access to a collective of emerging designers and master artisans. This approach will also help share the richness of cultural heritage as they work with global artisans and creators, further supporting the development of their own businesses.

Furthermore, the collective pledges to employ a diverse family of experts from around the world, offering apprenticeships for refugees and other talented, underappreciated groups, providing positions of dignity based on skill. This inclusion of socio-economic backgrounds aligns with Jolie’s longstanding humanitarian efforts, as she has worked closely with the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR for over two decades.

Jolie, well-known for her Academy Award-winning acting career, joins a growing list of celebrities launching their own brands, contributing to the sustainability movement in the fashion and beauty industry. Atelier Jolie is expected to launch in Fall 2023, marking an exciting development in the intersection of fashion, sustainability, and self-expression.

Angelina Jolie is not alone in her endeavor to infuse sustainability into the celebrity-brand landscape. Many other well-known figures are leveraging their influence to promote eco-friendly and ethical practices in various industries.

Angelina Jolie actress is launching a new sustainable fashion brand

Actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba, for instance, has made a significant impact with The Honest Company, which emphasizes transparency and uses environmentally friendly materials in its range of household products.

Similarly, Emma Watson, acclaimed for her role in the Harry Potter series, is a staunch advocate for sustainable fashion and often sports eco-friendly outfits on the red carpet. She’s also been involved in the creation of Good On You, an app that rates fashion brands on their ethical and environmental standards.

In the music world, Grammy-award winning artist Pharrell Williams co-founded Bionic Yarn, a company that develops high-performance yarns and fabrics made from recycled materials, particularly plastics retrieved from the ocean. These celebrities, like Jolie, are harnessing their platforms to not only promote sustainable practices but also influence systemic change within their respective industries.

On our own site, we have covered Robert Downey Jr., known worldwide for his role as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has also made significant strides in the sustainability space. He launched the Footprint Coalition in 2019, an investment organization dedicated to using advanced technologies to clean up the environment.

The Footprint Coalition aims to significantly reduce the world’s carbon footprint within the next decade through a series of technology-focused sustainability initiatives. Downey Jr.’s commitment to sustainability highlights his understanding of the crucial role technology and innovation play in combating environmental challenges, showcasing a trend among celebrities to leverage their influence in promoting eco-conscious efforts.

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