10 Agriculture Blogs For Agriculturists

Introduction – Agriculture And Global Economy

Production, processing and transportation and even waste of agricultural products constitutes a very large fraction of carbon emissions from humanity. As such, agriculture is also a vital part of the global economy. It provides food, raw materials, and employment to millions of people around the world.

Despite its importance, agriculture faces numerous challenges due to population growth, climate change, and limited resources. To meet these challenges, governments must create policies that promote sustainable agricultural practices and protect the environment.

Many agriculture blogs are available online that discuss the latest news and trends in agriculture, from new technologies to farming tips. 

agriculture blogs
Agricultural blogs give insight into current trends

Reading these blogs can give farmers valuable insight into how to protect their crops and increase production. Many of these blogs discuss ways consumers can support sustainable agriculture by choosing locally-grown foods or purchasing organic products.

By staying informed about the current state of agriculture, farmers and consumers can help ensure a safe and secure food supply for generations. 

10 Agriculture Blogs For Agriculturists

You can now easily find the best advice and information to help you stay up-to-date on agricultural news and trends. Here are 10 of the top agriculture blogs:

1. Modern Farmer 

Modern Farmer is an agriculture blog that offers a helpful and detailed outlook on the farming industry. Through articles and videos, those interested in agriculture can learn a great deal about modern farm practices, current technology, the art of sustainable agriculture, and so much more.

From mapping software to urban farming projects, this resource provides readers with actionable advice, inspiring stories, product reviews, interviews with experts, and much more. With its lively language and unique insight into agriculture worldwide, Modern Farmer is one of the most useful sources for comprehensive information about the farming industry today.

2. Farmers Weekly

Farmers Weekly is an agriculture blog that helps farmers keep informed about the latest industry developments and news.

From the latest crops to important trade guidelines, this website provides comprehensive, highly detailed articles and advice to ensure that farmers stay ahead in the agriculture game.

Farmer’s Weekly offers various resources on farming technology, pest management, land ownership issues, animal husbandry, and more.

With their up-to-date information and clear style of writing, they make it easier than ever for today’s farmers to stay informed and run smoothly.

So if you’re looking for helpful agricultural tips or just a place to stay updated on the sector in general, Farmers Weekly is one of the most helpful places to look.

3. Food Blog

The UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources has an agriculture blog that provides you with the food news you need.

The in-depth information covers agriculture’s impact on society, ranging from advances in agriculture technology to emerging food trends. You’ll get a comprehensive look at California agriculture, including articles discussing our ag products, farms, ranches, people, businesses, and more.

Additionally, the blog keeps readers informed about programs offered by UCANR throughout California; its facilities and extension services; agricultural research conducted by UC’s partner institutions; and how UC researchers are tackling global agriculture challenges.

The Food Blog contains all the knowledge you need to stay informed on current agricultural issues – it’s a great resource for understanding what’s happening in this vital field.

4. Farms.com

Farms.com is one of the leading agriculture blogs in the world, providing a wealth of information to farmers and agriculture enthusiasts alike. From product reviews and tutorials to crop updates and new technology innovations, Farms.com covers it all.

Through its blog, global forum, and other media platforms, Farms.com offers trusted news reports, engaging stories about agriculture life in different countries worldwide, and helpful advice for anyone involved in agriculture – from harvesting to marketing their products.

With thousands of agriculture experts sharing their insights and offering career advice, Farms.com is a one-stop shop for agriculture news and resources – setting it apart from any other agriculture information source on the web today.

5. Real Agriculture

Real Agriculture is one of the most informative agriculture blogs for beginners, experienced farmers, and everyone in between.

They provide up-to-date stories about agriculture, farm life, and rural technology, as well as helpful resources such as featured articles, industry news, research updates, expert advice, and agriculture-focused classes.

Furthermore, they are incredibly active online – offering agriculture advocates a platform to share their voices by advocating various agriculture-related issues (including sustainability and food production).

The versatility of Real Agriculture makes it the perfect source for many people looking to further their knowledge of agriculture or get involved in the industry.

6. National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) is an agriculture blog comprised of non-profit grassroots organizations, agricultural producers, educators, and researchers.

They advocate for adopting sustainable agriculture practices, policies, and research. NSAC promotes farming systems that are economically viable in the long run, environmentally sound, and socially responsible.

Their website contains useful information such as links to relevant laws, reports from their community of advocates, and updates on their most current actions and efforts. NSAC encourages everyone to check out their website to stay informed on national agriculture news and initiatives.

7. Successful Farming

Successful Farming is a one-stop agriculture blog that proves invaluable to the agriculture industry. It contains up-to-date information on agriculture trends and technology and features stories about agriculture workers and livelihoods.

This agriculture blog is an important source of reliable advice and resources for farmers, ranchers, educators, students, businesses, and all those interested in agriculture.

From agriculture news to crop planning tools to livestock management resources, there’s something for everyone at Successful Farming. With easy access to articles and helpful video content, this agriculture blog offers an excellent way to stay informed about the latest developments in agriculture.

8. Progressive Farmer

Progressive Farmer is one of the essential agriculture blogs to keep up with the latest developments, advice, and industry news.

It provides timely information to help farmers plan their operations more effectively, tackle challenging problems or develop innovative solutions.

Comprehensive news reports, expert analysis, and how-to articles give readers a holistic overview of the agriculture industry. Industry experts share their insights into crop production practices, pest management, soil health strategies, and changing regulations.

In addition, Progressive Farmer also covers tech topics like precision agriculture methods such as drone operations and robotics automation. With this agriculture blog, farmers are unearthed with success stories told by some of their peers so they can try new farming practices to maximize yields and profitability.

9. Farm Progress

Farm Progress is an agriculture blog designed to help farmers, agricultural suppliers, and agriculture entrepreneurs make informed business decisions.

From detailed agriculture news and novel agriculture technology to agriculture market data, Farm Progress informs readers of the latest industry trends and developments.

By providing up-to-date insights from the agriculture business, this blog helps users maximize profits from their farming operations and investments – empowering them to successfully navigate shifting markets and stay ahead of their competition.

Whether looking for a reliable source for agriculture-related news or sustainable strategies to increase profits, Farm Progress has all the resources you need!

10. AgriLife Today

AgriLife Today is an agriculture blog designed to help farmers, ranchers, and anyone else in the agriculture industry have the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

The website provides exclusive content for those interested in staying up-to-date on agriculture news, trends, research, and technology from respected sources. AgriLife Today serves as a one-stop shop for all things agriculture related, with a diverse range of topics from crop production to animal care.

Visitors will find helpful tips and resources to explore, such as interviews with experts in the field, webinars full of valuable information, and instructional videos featuring various techniques used in agriculture. It’s sure to be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to stay abreast of the ever-evolving agriculture industry.


In conclusion, plenty of agriculture blogs are available for farmers and agriculture professionals to keep up with the latest news, trends, and insights.

These ten agriculture blogs provide a comprehensive industry overview and offer useful information on crop production, animal care, technology advancements, and more.

With reliable sources like these, agriculturalists can stay informed to make successful farming decisions in the future. Want to be included on this list? Send us a note about your agriculture focused blog!

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