Brilliant Passive Houses (That Will Cost Pennies to Heat)

It is getting cold here in England, and I’m preparing for the yearly tradeoffs between comfort, carbon emissions and heating bills that are part of living in a house with reasonable but not great insulation.

For the 30,000 or so owners of passive houses these compromises are a thing of the past.  They’ve got the comfort, the low emissions and barely a heating bill to speak of.  I’ve looked at the technical reasons about why a passivhaus has a negligible heating bill in the past.  Passivhaus means great insulation, low heat loss and gain, greater efficiency, and less thermal pollution. But I’ve never mentioned how pretty they can be.

Here are 7 stunners from around the world!

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1: The Hudson Passive Project, Hudson, NY, United States

2: La Maison Bambou, Val d’Oise, France

3: FabLab House, Madrid, Spain

4: Crossways, Kent, United Kingdom

5: Passivhaus (the original), Darmstadt, Germany

6: Villa Nyberg, Borlänge, Sweden

7:  Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios King’s College Student Housing at Cambridge University

One day, when I’ve got the cash, land and time . . . .

Which one floats your boat??

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