10 Eco Friendly Bamboo Products For Home

Introduction: Eco Friendly Bamboo Products

Bamboo is a natural, eco-friendly material. In this article, we will talk about some eco-friendly bamboo products for home. Before we get into that let’s talk about why bamboo is considered to be sustainable and good for carbon footprint reduction.

Bamboo toothbrush handles are biodegradable – make sure bristles are too

11 Reasons Bamboo Is An Eco-Friendly Material

Many people ask why bamboo is an eco-friendly material. It’s not news that non-biodegradable materials such as plastics and metals are expensive to manage as a resource over their life cycle. That is they require lots of energy to extract, they break down slowly, increase consumption, and constitute a significant percentage of waste in landfills.

Bamboo is here to the rescue. People refer to it as the most sustainable material in the world. Let’s see some reasons why we need to let bamboo be the hero.

1. Bamboo is natural and free of harmful chemicals 

2. It is renewable and does not need to be replanted

3. It is easier to recycle than other materials such as plastics.

4. Bamboo items are durable and pest-resistant 

5. As bamboo grows, it can remove toxins such as mercury and lead from the soil and trap them in its stalk where they are not harmful to humans.

6. Bamboo grows faster than hardwood 

7. Bamboo is essential to humans’ survival as they emit four times more oxygen than hardwood.

8. Bamboo leaves are rich in nutrients, when they fall off the ground, they decompose and nourish the soil

9. Bamboo products are inexpensive

10. Unlike hardwoods, bamboos are harvested by not pulling the entire tree from the soil, which helps with deforestation

11. It’s a type of grass that grows without the need for fertilizers or irrigation.

10 Types Of Eco-Friendly Bamboo Products That Substitute For Things You Use

It’s fine that the material is sustainable. The big question is whether consumers have demanded products made by bamboo and whether manufacturers have responded by producing them.

1. Bamboo Cutleries (Fork, Spoon, And Knife)

When you decide to buy new cutlery set for your home, there are tons of options to choose from. Choices include plastic, metal, and wooden ones like bamboo. Because the need to switch to an eco-friendly option has become more of a necessity than a choice, won’t you rather choose the bamboo that checks more boxes?

Changing all plastic and metal cutleries in the home to bamboo is a great move toward sustainability. There are two categories of bamboo cutleries – reusable and disposable.

Use reusable bamboo cutleries every day in the home. You can wash them after use and keep them in a dry place.

When it comes to washing eco friendly bamboo products some manufacturers say their bamboo cutleries are dishwasher-safe. In addition, some manufacturers claim theirs are hand-wash only (you can check the products page before you buy). We advocate getting the kind that aren’t disposable.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing bamboo cutleries over plastic and metal ones.

1. They are suitable for hot and cold foods

2. They don’t scratch pots and plates and also make no noise when eating.

3. Affordable

4. Stylish

5. Durable

6. Available in different shapes and sizes

7. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial. Hence, bamboo cutleries are hygienic

8. Lightweight

9. Easy to clean

If you need a new set of bamboo cutleries for your home, check out this Bambaw silverware set on Amazon. 

2. Bamboo Serving Trays 

A bamboo serving tray is another eco friendly home item that can serve you for years. They add a rustic touch to your kitchen and dining tables which makes them suitable for various themed dining. 

You can find bamboo trays as flat serving trays or with raised edges. You will also find some with cut-out handles for carrying them easily. Just like every other bamboo item discussed in this article, let’s also talk about the benefits of bamboo trays.

1. They are lightweight and won’t become too heavy when you load them with food

2. No cracking, chipping, or splintering

3. Available in different sizes

4. Easy to clean

5. Hygienic for serving food

If you need to buy a bamboo tray for your home, check out the Bameos serving tray on Amazon.

3. Bamboo Hand And Bath Towels

The most popular types of towels in the market are made of cotton which is a natural fiber. Organically grown cotton is environmentally friendly. However, the most popular method of planting cotton is not environmentally sustainable due to the heavy usage of pesticides and fertilizers. 

There is a better and more eco-friendly alternative we can switch to and that is bamboo. There is controversy about how bamboo towels are made and whether they are truly eco-friendly as claimed or if those are just sales pitches. Therefore this is worth looking into since our aim is sustainability.

Bamboo can be mechanically or chemically processed into fabrics. The mechanically processed bamboo fabrics are known as bamboo linens. Because bamboo linens are mechanically processed, they are very eco-friendly. However, they are costly to make and also time-consuming.

Most people don’t know that bamboo can be spun into fabric

As a result, most bamboo fabrics manufacturers use less eco-friendly chemical processing which is faster and easier. Nonetheless, there are different methods of processing bamboo into fabrics chemically and one is more eco-friendly than others.

Based on the chemical processing used to produce bamboo fabric, they can be classified into three – viscose, rayon, or lyocell.

Bamboo viscose and rayon are used interchangeably. Unfortunately, processing bamboo rayon and viscose depends heavily on chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, bamboo lyocell uses the most eco-friendly chemical process of production, known as closed loop. When you decide to buy bamboo towels or other products made of bamboo fabrics, buy bamboo linens or bamboo lyocell products.

That said, let’s look at some benefits of eco friendly bamboo towels.

1. Bamboo towels are very absorbent

2. Bamboo lyocell towels are soft and smooth

3. Bamboo towels are anti-bacterial

4. They are suitable for sensitive skin

5. Bamboo towels are durable

If you want to buy bamboo towels, you can check out this bamboo towel on Amazon.

4. Disposable Bamboo Plates

Most countries of the world are making commendable moves at combating pollution caused by plastic waste. In that regard, several countries have banned the use of single-use plastics.

Some of these countries include Bangladesh, Kenya, New York, Canada, and India which recently joined the list in July 2022. As a result, citizens of these countries are encouraged to substitute single-use with biodegradable options such as bamboo. 

Because disposable items are single-use, they are increase solid waste volume. However, disposable bamboo items such as plates will significantly reduce solid waste pollution.

Interestingly enough, they are simply thrown into the compost after they might have expended their usefulness. Good news is – they decompose in about 8 weeks or less.

That said, let’s see some benefits of using disposable bamboo plates.

1. Disposable bamboo plates are surprisingly strong

2. Saves you the time and effort of washing

3. Unlike disposable plastic items, they don’t cause environmental waste

4. Suitable for hot and cold food

5. Microwave friendly

6. Lightweight

Do you need to shop for your next party? Check out these disposable bamboo plates on Amazon.

5. Reusable Bamboo Plates

Disposable items are good for parties and picnics, but not for everyday use due to the cost of buying new ones. Hence, for sustainable everyday plates that are cost-effective, choose reusable bamboo plates.

Bamboo plates are thick and very durable. Therefore, they should last you for a very long time. Before we move on, let’s look at the benefits of using reusable bamboo plates.

  1. Food safe, approved by the FDA
  2. Saves cost
  3. Some can be machine-washed
  4. Comes in different sizes and styles 
  5. Serves hot or cold food/drinks

Meanwhile, if you need to buy some reusable bamboo plates as you should,  check out the Nuby bamboo plate on Amazon.

6. Bamboo Bed Sheets

Another item that is essential for the home is a bed sheet and since we are on a quest for a more sustainable home, it’s a good idea to switch to eco-friendly bamboo ones. Bamboo bed sheets are made from bamboo fabrics and as I mentioned earlier, not all the fabrics are processed with environmental friendliness practiced. So before you buy a bamboo bed sheet make sure to choose one that does not conflict our objective.

At this point let’s see some benefits of choosing bamboo bed sheets 

  1. They are more durable than cotton bed sheets 
  2. They are soft and provide comfortable sleep 
  3. They are breathable. Hence, they absorb body heat during sleep
  4. They are water absorbent so, they absorb body sweat and keep you dry while you sleep 
  5. They are naturally anti-bacterial which means they are easier to stay clean
  6. Hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin
  7. Sometimes they are less – expensive than cotton 

If you need some new bed sheets for your home, check out the Sleepdown fitted sheet on Amazon.

7. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Twice every day we use a toothbrush, and at least every three months, we throw out the old one for a new one. This implies that average a single person uses about four toothbrushes in a year. Little wonder research says that in the United States, about 1 billion plastic toothbrushes constitute the landfills yearly.

As a result, it has become a critical factor to choose eco-friendly toothbrushes that can be decomposed and put into more good use after they must have exceeded their teeth cleaning usefulness. Bamboo toothbrushes are one of the sustainable options we can choose as alternatives to plastic ones. 

When it’s time to replace your old bamboo toothbrush with a new one, you can pull out the bristles and recycle them then put the bamboo handle in the compost bin.

Before we conclude this section, let’s highlight the benefits of choosing bamboo toothbrushes 

1. They are anti-bacterial so, you don’t have to worry about bacteria infestation on your toothbrush handle

2. They are biodegradable 

3. They reduce land and water pollution 

4. They clean the teeth just as well as plastic toothbrushes 

5. The bamboo handle is less-porous than other wood so it does not absorb water

Are you looking to buy bamboo toothbrushes? If you are, check out the Colgate bamboo toothbrush on Amazon.

8. Bamboo Hairbrushes and combs

Hair maintenance is an important activity in our everyday life and the choice of the hair products we make has a long way to go in determining the quality of our hair. Bamboo hair care products like combs and brushes are sustainable options worth considering. 

Bamboo combs and brushes are very strong, so even if you have thick hair, you will be able to detangle them.

Let’s see some advantages of bamboo combs and brushes

1. They improve blood circulation in the scalp

2. Detangles hair without pulling

3. Reduces hair frizz

4. Makes the hair shine by distributing the natural oil evenly

5. Stimulates faster hair growth

6. They can help reduce scalp infection

7. They are lightweight and comfortable to hold

8. Easy to maintain

Check out these products on Amazon if you are interested in buying some bamboo combs and hairbrush.

9. Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels

Statistics say that over 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used in the US yearly. Before now, most toilet papers in the market were made from trees. Hence, a lot of trees are cut down for us to get those toilet papers we use daily. Advertently, we have to face the consequences of our actions such as deforestation and soil erosion among others.

Thankfully, we now have better options like a bamboo reusable paper towel. With bamboo, we can leave our trees to serve their purpose while getting our paper needs met adequately.

Moreover, bamboo paper towels are not only biodegradable, but also can be used a lot of times before throwing them away. Therefore, you can cut out some sheets from the paper toilet roll, and use them to clean surfaces in your home or to wipe spillage. After which you can wash it, and store it for future use until it’s worn out enough to be thrown into the compost. With this genius idea, you can save a lot of money from toilet paper shopping since one roll can serve you for a pretty long time. To see the difference between disposable and reusable toilet papers, check out this video.

Meanwhile, let us highlight the benefits of reusable paper towels below

  1. They are cost-effective
  2. Washable and dishwasher-safe
  3. Absorbs three times as such liquid as its weight
  4. Dries fast
  5. Strong and durable

10. Bamboo Cutting Board

Cutting boards are essential kitchen utensils. Therefore, it is important to choose one that is strong enough to withstand all the chopping, slicing, cutting, and dicing therein. Bamboo chopping boards are a good option due to the high tensile strength of bamboo.

Speaking of which bamboo has a tensile strength of 28000 pounds per square inch which is higher than that of steel (23000 pounds per square inch). Simply put, bamboo chopping boards will strongly resist the impact of knives and last you for a long time.

Find below the highlighted benefits of bamboo chopping boards

  1. They are water-resistant
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Strong and durable
  4. Minimal scarring from knives
  5. Available in different sizes
  6. Its anti-bacterial property is good for preventing food contamination.
  7. Lightweight

Looking to buy a bamboo chopping board for your kitchen? Check out the Tasty bamboo chopping board onAmazon.

Conclusion regarding eco friendly bamboo products

Bamboo is a versatile material for eco friendly home products that should be part of a well-balanced consumer option. It is naturally safe and beneficial to the environment. Therefore, as long as these bamboo items are produced using eco-friendly processes, bamboo can be our trusted green companion in the home.

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