What are you growing this year?

After doing a couple of posts on what foods taste better when you grow them yourself and how to start a vegetable garden that suits your lifestyle I’ve had quite a few emails asking me what I’m growing this year.  So I thought I’d give you a very quick tour in the video below.

This footage was shot on May 7th, so everything is a bit further along now.

My vegetable garden very much reflects the limited space and time I’ve got for gardening.  Essentially I get it all going in the space of a couple of weekends in the spring.  Then all it requires is 5 minutes of water every other day (the tomatoes and salad need every day once it gets hot), and I spend the occasional hour or two at the weekend weeding, staking and seeding when needed.  For example I also sowed some basil last weekend.

What are you growing this year?  And what else should I be adding to my list?