A 10 Step Guide to Understanding, Calculating and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint


10 Step Guide to reducing your Carbon Footprint

Welcome to our 10 Step Guide for tackling your carbon footprint!

We’ve called this a guide, but it’s more like a book.  There are over 40,000 words and over 60 images here.  But don’t worry, it’s built to be a scan-able.  Simply go to the navigation links below and click to what takes your interest.

It is divided into ten simple steps.  Steps one to three are about understanding carbon footprints, step four is calculations, five to nine focus on reducing housing, travel, food, product and service footprints, and step ten talks about taking further climate action.

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1: What is a carbon footprint?
2: What is climate change?
3: Carbon targets for your footprint
4: Calculate your carbon footprint
5: Shrink your housing footprint
6: Shrink your travel footprint
7: Shrink your food footprint
8: Shrink your product footprint
9: Shrink your service footprint
10: Take further climate action