The 30 Day Shrink (eGuide)

Fast, cheap and simple ways to cut carbon.

Download the 30 Day Shrink eGuide ($18)


Are you keen to reduce the impact your life has on the climate?

But don’t always have the time, money or energy to make the big changes you might want to?

Join the club!  We can’t all afford electric cars, shiny passive houses and huge solar arrays. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference. The 30 Day Shrink eGuide show’s you how with simple steps.

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Download the 30 Day Shrink eGuide ($18)

Save money, make time, cut carbon

The 30 Day Shrink provides you with practical ideas for fast, cheap and simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint. And many do more than just cut carbon.

There are strategies to cut your electricity, heating, food and gasoline bills.  Ideas for eating and moving better.  Thoughts on making more out of less.  And a few things just for fun.

Here’s a peek inside (click to enlarge)

Shrink That Footprint eGuide

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Why do we think you’ll find the eGuide useful?

moneybackBecause we’ve kept it so simple and simple works.  Each of the actions can be done with limited time, cash and experience. We have a menu of practical steps you can take to get maximum results with minimal effort.

The eGuide itself is a compact A5 format that is perfect for tablets and laptops, but also looks great on phones or desktops.  We are so confident that you love it that it comes with a 30 Day Moneyback guarantee.

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Download the 30 Day Shrink eGuide ($18)