Obama’s new regulations could burst a whole lot of balloons

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As ever, I am always a sucker for a good bit of carbon data visualization.  This simple vine video by Carbon Visuals show’s us that by 2030 the EPA’s new power plant regulations have the potential to deliver an emissions cut equivalent to 14,000 lbs per US household, in balloons.

You can read more about the data and the visualualisation over at Carbon Visuals.

  • I R Orchard

    Looks impressive except that there’s no indication of how big a dent it makes in the total balloon pile for the average household.

    • Lindsay Wilson

      This is true. It equivalent to almost 2 tonnes off a home’s electricity footprint, and then roughly another 3 tonnes through the good and services they use. So something like 5t off the 48t household footprint, or around 10%. Significant, but more could be done