How to Save Money AND Cut Carbon


If you want to save money and cut carbon you’re on the right page!

This is a list of programs, guides and posts that can help you both save some money and do your bit for the climate.  Quite literally a win win. Dig in!

HowtosaveelectricityHow to Save Money By Using Less Electricity

This video series demonstrates five different ways you can go about slashing your electricity bill.


How to save money on foodHow to Save Money By Wasting Less Food

This five part video series details some simple habits you develop to reduce the amount of food you waste and save money.


Heating BillsThe Beginners Guide To Heating Bills

This 6 part guide help you understand fuel costs, temperature settings and the value of good insulation.



More resources will be added to this page in time, this post about improving fuel economy isn’t too bad either:

11 Ways to Save Fuel, Gas Mileage Tips