5 Gorgeous Upcycled Furniture Pieces

Upcycled furniture

It doesn’t matter if you are a carpenter of twenty years or have the motor skills of a table cloth.  There is an upcycle for you!

No matter your budget, the time you have or your ability, you can make something that will make you smile.

Turning junk to treasure is pure pleasure.  Here is some inspiration:


Cork Planters

Cork planters can rock your refrigerator. Free, fast and gorgeous.  I struggle to find anything I dislike about these sweet little succulents. UpcycleThat have a great little ‘how to’ for them.


Coffee table

Anyone can make a room more palletable. A pallet coffee table is dead easy.  But this one from mangotomato just really nails it.  Gorgeous!!



Let me count the ways I love these shelves. I was so impressed by this shelf from RelicInteriors I went straight out and made my own wood pallet rip off.  Next project I’ll upgrade to old scaffold boards.



At a certain point upcycling becomes an artform. This reclaimed wood table from Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek is so damn beautiful it costs €7,500!



The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If Aristotle had been rapping about upcycling he may have meant Thomas Wold.  The Willy Wonka of furniture design.



Just now and again, upcycling becomes a lifestyle. On their first date this couple hatched a plan to build a house of reclaimed windows in the mountains of West Virginia.


Do they have a view you ask?  Seriously . . . . .


Yes please!