7 Stunning Passive Houses (that will cost just pennies to heat this winter)

by Lindsay Wilson in Housing

7 Stunning Passive Houses

It is getting cold here in England, and I’m preparing for the yearly tradeoffs between comfort, carbon emissions and heating bills that are part of living in a house with reasonable but not great insulation.

For the 30,000 or so owners of passive houses these compromises are a thing of the past.  They’ve got the comfort, the low emissions and barely a heating bill to speak of.  I’ve looked at the technical reasons about why a passivhaus has a negligible heating bill in the past.  But I’ve never mentioned how pretty they can be.

Here are 7 stunners from around the world!



1: The Hudson Passive Project, Hudson, NY, United States



2: La Maison Bambou, Val d’Oise, France


Fab lad house

3: FabLab House, Madrid, Spain



4: Crossways, Kent, United Kingdom



5: Passivhaus (the original), Darmstadt, Germany


Sweden Round

6: Villa Nyberg, Borlänge, Sweden


Studio Moffit

7: House on Limekiln Line, Huron County, ON, Canada

One day, when I’ve got the cash, land and time . . . .

Which one floats your boat??


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